Speaking out on IPF in parliament

Recently, we held an event in parliament to raise awareness of IPF among MPs and parliamentarians.

Ron Flewett has IPF and he came along to talk to MPs about the condition. He's now told his story of the day on our blog. It's a really interesting read - check it out and let me know what you think!


3 Replies

  • Well done! And thank you very much to Ron and others for helping to raise much needed awareness of this horrible devastating disease!

  • Thank you and well done. Just wish I could be included in getting the word out and showing the progression. On oxy 24/7. Dozy :)

  • Hi Dozy, if you would like to help there may be a few ways that you can get involved from home. You can write to your MP and tell him about IPF, we can send you a template letter. Also if you like, you can tell us your experiences over the phone as we always need people's stories for our website and sometimes for journalists. If you are interested in either of these then please let me know. You can contact me through patientvoice@blf.org.uk. Thanks, Ruth (IPF project manager at the BLF)

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