Painful ribs

Morning everyone, I've had a chest infection which started 5 weeks ago....just finished 2nd course of antibiotics (Clarithormycin) and my ribs really hurt, thought it was just from the coughing but they seem worse this morning, feel like I've been beaten up during the night! Also I wake up with a really bitter taste in my mouth, and am still producing horrible dark yellowish phelm from my throat every morning. I know the meds can cause a bitter taste, but should I be worried? I had a chest xray last Friday, so haven't had results back yet. I also have Barretts Oesophagus. Has anyone else had anything like this?

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  • Morning Dawann,I am on the same antibiotics as you, and feel much same.My lungs feel raw and I have a horrid taste every morning, like its seeping through my tongue..Its the tablets hun and the fact your ribs are still hurting, should be looked at,as you may have a secondary infection and may need a different drug for the bugs! Hope this helps ...Get well soon Regards Laura x

  • Thanks Laura, I will make an appointment x

  • That's good, let us know how you get on. I hope the GP takes a sample of that gunk you're producing to have analysed for correct antiB.

    In the past I've been on Clarith for 30 days & still had infection. Then I did 2 courses (2 more months) of Azithromycin which finally cleared it. I always insist on Azith and have been infection free since spring!

    Good luck my dear, are you taking copious amounts of Vit c & lots of fluid? P xxx

    PS last week someone called Clarith. the Domestos of antibiotics! That's what it felt like to me...... I've always been told my rib pain was pleurisy, they can tell from a good listen to your chest. It makes a different, sort of rasping sound. X

  • Thanks for that, I had heard that Erithromycin was 'the Domestos of all antis' and usually worked for me but apparently they don't use that anymore. I will see what she says and let you know, 5 weeks now, that started 'as just a virus!' Take care :-) x

  • Erythromycin! The only things that's put me in hospital. Never again xx

  • What happened. I ask as i am taking it now.

  • It was only me Julie. I've a weak stomach so it was a combination of that really, not the Eryth on it's own for sure.

    I'd had a week of prescribed painkiller plus Amoxicillin 500mg for pleurisy. Doc had said come back in a week if not better. I barely remember going back but was dx with pneumonia & given Erithromycin.

    Within a couple of days I had a day of severe stomach cramps & vomiting (along with the pleurisy pain, fevers, coughing etc of pneumonia). It was February & freezing.

    Luckily for me, my neighbour heard my dog who'd been barking for hours & found me on the bed, roof windows wide open (to cool me down) & unconscious. 999 apparently, I came to on a drip in the ambulance.

    Kingston A&E was a total nightmare which has left me terrified of it ever happening again. My daughter found me passed out in a heap, shivering in my nightie & coat at 2am.

    With my stomach history the GP should never have presc ibuprofen followed by Etyth. I was so ill.

    When he presc ibruprofen I thought he knew what he was doing. He's never forgotten what he did & still apologises 4/5 years later.

    Good ole Freddie, the dog.

    If you have stomach probs Julie, contact your GP to check it's ok for you to take it..

    Get well soon xx P

  • glad of your fab dog! I don't have weak stomach tho erythromycin makes me a liar on that!

  • Poor you peeg. I had the same horrible pain. since then, I say I'm allergic to it! I had other antibiotics, but was prescribed lanzoprasole to avoid the pains. I found as well some Jarro-zyme, this helps digest difficult stuff.

  • Thank you Mic, all water under the bridge now and I'm loads better having learnt much here.

    What is Jaro-zyme & where does it come from? P x

  • Jarro-zymes is an agreagate of several enzymes from natural contains alpha-galactoside to digest carbohydrates; Lipase which tackles acids; amylase which digests potato starch; Protease which digests casein (milk protein)I bought this from Amazon.

    I was desperate after a hospital generated C-Difficile which produced diarrhoea. The consultant gave me some medication to get rid of this. It did, but the diarrhoea was still there, and I had difficulty returning to normal to digest what I call "normal food". I investigated what to do and found this on Amazon. This was a blessing come true, I returned to normal with thin a very few days. I am still taking this daily, as a hundred pills is a lot of pills!

    I don't know if I'll need this any more after this course, but it helped me no end getting back to normal digestive function and evacuation.

    That's my story, as I have been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) through examination of my guts and told that I had to learn with it. Michael is not so easy to defeat! I don't take no for an answer.

    Hope all this helps!

  • Goodness Michael. You have been through the mill. I'm very glad you found this to help sort you out.

    I'm happy with my digestive system - apart from the occasional reflux.

    Nightie night :)

  • already had a good sleep, peeg! I'm going to the gym!

  • I am taking erythromycin now .

  • Snap I'm on the same antiBs, horrible taste I find ginger ale or ginger beer helps, it could be that the coughing has hurt your ribs. poor you xx

  • Thanks MrsShimmy, I thought it probably was the coughing but im not coughing very much now and they feel worse than yesterday and I had pins and needles in my right arm in the night which woke me up and I wasn't laying on it. My chest xray is normal which is good news, I've managed to get an appointment with my GP today, so hopefully I can get to the bottom of it! :-)

  • i know the medics say treat an infection with antibiotics,but they are ignorinng the nice recomendations,the treatment for a copd infection by nice is antibiotics and preds together,after a stand up rough,my med team has it witten into my notes,after an infection im back on my feet earlier and now thinking of doing a bit of rowing on our local lake

  • My GP suggested trying a steam inhaler to reduce the soreness and putting one drop of Olbas Oil in it to help free up the rubbish.

    It certainly helped me, we got one from Boots for £6 I have found it not only relieves the soreness but makes breathing easier when I am suffering with blocked up lungs.

  • I used to have such a dry mouth on Clarithromycin. I found Caledonian water (naturally carbonated) helps me through the night. I buy a few bottles of 500ml, so I know if I'm drinking enough (3 x 500 ml should be enough). Hope it helps.

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