Im still here

Hi all ive not been on much posting etc but have been checking in . Im having probs with ankle s swelling up and being short breath waiting to see consultant in couple weeks . Hope you are all enjoying summer sun ? Ive managed a good bit of riding (ive pushed myself as not letting lungs etc win this battle!) Got fab new instructor whos hepling us loads . Bye for now Judith xx

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  • hope your swollen ankle gets sorted. I am having the same problem and was sent for DVT tests and all was don't know what is happening. Good luck :)

  • Hi thanks . Its weird as only happened two weeks ago no reason my gp thought it was my kidneys at first but no they fine. They then went down but blew up again yesterday and today .....ive got rheumatoid arthritis too but my rhemy consultant didnt think it was this but im booked for scan same day i see resp consultant . My heart rates been higher as well but was put down to infection. I just want normal feet again !!

  • Let me know how you get ankle still swollen but other one OK...weird!!!! I am totally fed up with all the ailments I have had these past months.....goes from one weird thing to another...ah well, the joys of ageing, as they say......good luck :)

  • Hi Tiger n Louisiana. I read today on Flibberti's link to NHS CV choices that swollen ankles is ones of the symptoms of COPD.

    Good to hear from you Tiger and that you're riding. Jealous, moi? Yes I am!

  • Haha you could come have a ride if you were near me although not at minute as shes got guess hmm a sore foot !! Her back shoe came loose and twisted dug in at weekend shes bit better today but cant be ridden till late next week after farriers been xxxx

  • Haha yes i will ....ive been good till i hit 45 then all this for five years xxx

  • Me too. Mix of heat and steroids for infection! A vicious circle eh. X

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