Steroid myopathy!

As I have been exercising and growing muscle bulk I have been puzzled by my lack of strength.Then checking my medical past saw when I suffered liver failure because of alcohol I had Myopathy which is muscle weakness.With Copd most doctors prescribe steroids as a first option to help.In my case of course they seem to be doing more damage than any good,the opposite of what they are intended for in fact.I just googled steroid myopathy and it,s scary.Saw my consultant today and low and behold I,m right.So next step is get oxygen sorted and get off the steroids!Grrrr!I,m so pee'd off I could crush a grape,if only I had the bleeding strength lol.At least now I know why it,s such hard work simply playing my guitar and hopefully this will get easier.I also found out I am not suitable for those lovely coils which is very disappointing.Sheesh it,s hard work this Copd is,nt it lol.I,m not well enough to go to the Brompton tomorrow so their research will have to whistle for the mo.Keep smiling.D. :D

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  • Hi FarmerD, Fingers crossed, this is the third time I have tried to send this message, so if at some time you manage to recieve the other two. I'm not mad. Now that you have things hopefully sorted, I hope that you will soon start to feel a bit better. And be able to play the guitar and enjoy it. And I will crush the grape for you. Take care nannyb xxx

  • Thanks Nan,you can be my chief grape crusher any time. :d

  • It's appalling that we have to diagnose our own health problems and push for the correct treatment - you are now the third person in the last few minutes that has made me hopping mad because you haven't received proper care grrrrrrrrr. What CAN we do to get noticed?

    I hope you at least will get prompt proper attention now and don't let them get away with anything at all. My word for today is pester! :)


    P.S. I can probably help out with a grape or two but I'm crap on guitar :D

  • Thanks for the input Qb,I.ll make sure there are a few grapes for you lol.D.

  • Thanks for the input Qb,I.ll make sure there are a few grapes for you lol.D.

  • :D

  • Steroids are only short term benefit, then they do harm. Next time you have a blood work-up check your testosterone level - There are prescriptions that will add to your strength and you can feel better for years while on them. You need a doctor to test testosterone in your blood once a year to make sure you stay in line on dosage corresponding to how we age. An overdose at any age will make you think you're a mean sex machine. Truth is that also is the level where you are doing the most health harm so keep your levels in check.

  • Yes it turns out my recent decline is nothing to do with the very hot weather or pollution

    or even hay fever but simply my condition deteriorating,so a change in direction of treatment is in order I feel.I also think I need to get some details of just how bad my condition is,the consultant looked again at my CT scan and said " your lungs are very bad".Hey ho! :d

  • Ask your doctor to refer you to the Respiratory team at your local hospital. They will do a chest xray and take it from there. They will monitor you. they're very good.

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