Never : Did You Know There IS Such A THING Called Tripe Hands?

Never : Did You Know There IS Such A THING Called Tripe Hands?

Nope we are not talking about ya making dinner tea or what ever its a skin condition YUP your skin and even rash on ya ass can tell you so much about wather your pre diabetics or have incresed risk of cancer ..... i never knew your skin could tell you so much ... is quite rank REALLY its just a good job you skin is not eyes to you sole

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  • Eww Daz, never heard of it until now and the only thing that ever shocked me was the" tree man"I would prefer to have trout hands than Emphysema..Mind you my skin is beginning to look like a leather handbag with all these steroids lol

    very good ending.x

  • Hi porche296 yep nice to hear from ya :) a cant say hand bag with being guy am more like cortina intreior myself these days ... Am lucky really have baby soft hand must be relection of my work effics thesrs days or disguntaled

    Anyway yer a think am turning into tree myself a know i like trees but dont think i ever said i wanted to be one .. Yep fugus infection is giving me run for my money

    But yer do belive is relection a know i have blood suger 7.8 and by all accounts thats striods or pre diabetic Yep all save ya from talking about rash :)

    But yer i had crud skin under my arm pits like on pic .. was like dirt but no its was rank skin anyway used one of them rock things you use for ya feet and washing up liqued and now its gone .. thought am not having any of that A GUY thing.

    Yep nice chatting :) take care of ya self like that say it dont get much better :))

  • Crude skin under armpits,Pumice stone like you used lather up with soap rinse and lemon juice to lighten skin..Take care x

  • Cheers yer that was rock .. Yer was full of holes like SEEN it in shop and looked for rock that looked like my lungs :)

    Yer had to soap it up would of hurt other wise but yet all try lemmon stuff usally have lemon in me shandy BUT next time a go out all dink my dink then squash lemmons under me arm pits after :))

    But yer all defo try lemon cheers thanks for replying :)

  • Haha you do make me smile..Lemon amazing stuff,bleaches underarms,elbows, and even gets nicotine off fingernails!! Drunk in hot water helps clear mucus off the lungs and great in shandy as you said lol x

  • Cheers defo guna give it waz thanks :)

  • Don't put it on your face,or you will get fitiligo,white patches,lol another tip for lemon juice is streak the hair and sit in sun for cpl hrs,gives lovely highlights.The rest can go in your shandy while it starts to work..

    Have a good day Daz,you make me smile.....

  • Cheers thanks for heads up .. :)

    Defo like thought of highlights .. Yup guna defo give that a waz to wile am working on me gun's

    Cheers yep you look after ya self now :)

  • Take care hun,Have a good day x

  • Cheers u to ;)

  • I have not heard of that either Daz but the skin is the largest organ on the body so it is amazing what we can learn from it. At the moment Pete's skin is not happy. He had the trial spinal cord stimulator fitted, which has to be removed tomorrow, but the skin where the dressing was attached started to blister as if it had been burned. When the dressing was eventually removed the other day, the blisters burst and the skin is red and sore looking but there is no infection apparently. We will see what the doc says tomorrow. Skin can be a very funny thing.

    Hope you are keeping well anyway Daz. I enjoy reading your posts. Take care. xxxx

  • Hi Sassy59 Cheers Hope Al Went Well With You Fella And Is Dressing .. Yer I Had Not Heard Of It Eather Was Amazed

    Yer Been Bit Unwell Think #HealthUnlocked Of FB Trashed My Karma Zeen State Deleting A Post :(

    But Yer Nice To Hear From Ya Chew The Grits :)

  • Get well soon Daz. Take care. xxxx

  • excellent post as per ile read it later,wishing you well dazisnotsogood,xx

  • Hi twiceshy3 Yumi :)

    Its Like Sharing Last Rolo :)

    Cheers Thanks Always Pleasure

  • returnin the chocs ,cuz I am the 1 liner,:) rolos had to laff,x

  • Skin is an organ much like what is inside of you. At least skin can be a window of what's wrong inside. Even ones finger nails can be a dead give away. May as well look at them periodically before things get worst and pain sets in.

  • Defo Agree With You There Dwitt ... Yer Lungs Are Classed As Skin To

    Cheers Thanks

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