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Salt pipes

After reading positive remarks regarding the above I decided to purchase one

Went onto e bay and I am totally confused as to what to buy.so many to choose from

Different styles..prices etc

I have c.o.p.d and bronchi ecstasies.i cannot expel mucus. Tried all breathing and to no avail.lucky if I get approx half a teaspoonful on a daily basis

Thank you,nellie

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Have a look at the Saltpipe company web site thesaltpipe.co.uk you get all the answers you need.


Thank you snook.excellent site.think I will order the ceramic one.hope it works.

Regards, nellie


Hi mine is the Himalayan salt pipe you can find them at caretechintl.com

Hope this helps




(thank you snook, for your link; it's very useful).

Nellie,perhaps, you'd do better to talk to your GP and have a nebuliser prescribed. with which you can inhale saline. that is very efficient. Your doc may also prescribe Mucodyne to make the mucus more fluid. All this is available free on the NHS.

Is it that you have some mucus, or simply that you are dry. You may not need to force yourself to cough up what isn't there!

About salt pipe price. Salt is cheap! A "pipe" is a container with a bottom with a filter to enable you to breathe in through the container full of salt. It's only a bit of plastic and shouldn't be that expensive.


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