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Viruses and Bacteria

Can anyone tell me the best time to visit the UK, (I live in France,) and the last time I went over to visit my sister - Feb. 2013, the world and his brother seemed to have colds and chest infections. I ended up in hospital for 8 days with an exacerbation of my COPD. I am up to date with 'flu' and pneumonia injections. I thought I might avoid winter and go in late spring or early summer.


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Hi Lolly2,

I have found July, August, September and October are best, possibly because we are topped up with vit D from the warmer weather and sunshine. In June this year a relative came to stay with his cof/cold which I caught, he got better in a few days but I am still fighting it off. There doesn't seem to be anyone around with any sniffles at the mo, I would love to live in a warmer place even so.



Welcome Lolly2 and I can only reiterate (now there's a big word for a Monday!) what the others have said as I totally agree. Winter is a no-no because of all the bugs that go around. Take care and enjoy your stay when you do come back again. xxxx


Bienvenue Lolly. I suppose this time of year is more likely to be pleasant. people start to cough from autumn to spring!

But, I thought I had escaped bugs for the summer, and I caught one now! I am vulnerable to infection. Perhaps you too, I don't know. It's worth coming to see your sister! Take care.


Hi Lolly2 Personally I say avoid Feb. Last 2 years I ended up in hospital with pneumonia. However I would say any time between May and Sept. would be fine. Hope Northern France is the same as off to visit daughter and family who have recently moved there.


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