Getting There

Just an update. I first posted in May when I'd just been diagnosed with moderate Emphysema and after 3 months of chest infections, X-Ray and CT scan I was a little scared and gasping like a goldfish - 2 months on I've jacked the cigs, back at work and walking 3 miles a day :) big high spot on Thursday just gone... Took my grandchildren to Arundel Castle and climbed the whole 131 steps up to the Keep. Xx

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How wonderful isme, an inspiration, lovely to hear xxx

Those steps at the castle are some climb. Well done ! :)

Hi Isme its great hearing good news about someone doing well.131 steps wow how happy you must feel keep it up and your keep this disease in its place! :) Janexx

Well done, very impressed. Keep up the good work, just remember as time goes on with the fags you will improve all round.

Keep it up

David 1968

Thank You everyone :) was so scared a few months ago. Talk about a wake up call. I'm more positive now and going to try to stay fit and healthy for as long as I can xxx

Well done. Keep it up. Positive mental attitude helps as well as exercise. I too have been very ill so need to get back to where I was a few weeks back. Once again,well done you!!!!!! X

Well done you !!! It's good to hear a positive story, it gives me a boost knowing we can fight back. x

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