using oxygen extractor with a BIPAP machine for central sleep apnea - there is an odor

When is use this set-up at night I smell an obnoxious odor. I never smelled this when using oxygen at a hospital. I find the odor remains in my nostrils & or sinuses during the day. I've ask my medical device supplier and my pulmonary doctor and all I get for an answer is "Am I cleaning and replacing my filters". Yes I do take care of the filters but what is this lingering odor and is it detrimental?

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  • Oh dear, dwitt, doesn't look like anyone has any answers. Perhaps it's worth a call to the helpline.

    Funnily enough, I took out a new nasal cannula (oxygen user) and it had a very chemical smell - first time I've ever experienced it. Changed it and other one ok. It may or may not be relevant but thought I'd tell you anyway lol!


  • so did I exchange the used model and got something newer. The odor all though diminish still remains and stays with me when not using the machine 24/7


    This may put a an answer to the problem

    Be Well

  • My odor is with the oxygen extractor - The odor is like a residue of something burnt. I had the unit exchange for something that look newer and the odor although diminish still remains. All the i.e. tubing for the extractor BIPAP machine and head piece were brand new.

  • Not good - I really do hope you resolve the problem - sounds awful and now hoping I don't need one of these machines - awaiting result from sleep test.

  • try cleaning all that can be cleaned with water with a baby bottle cleaner might help?

  • My schedule is methodical as is my ability to change filters, tubing & head care. I almost am tempted to take apart the oxygen machine and do I thorough cleaning but fear reassembly will leave me with extra parts or broken pieces.

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