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Well I am going to have a good ole moan.I haven't felt well since yesterday and put it down to the weather.I had a rotten nights sleep waking up every hour or so sweating and feeling sicky..I was irritable and restless all night..I was debating as to wether I should phone 111 or 999 or wait for surgery today and see if the headache that has appeared would subside.NOPE.

Just got back from surgery and surprise, surprise a chest infection,three weeks of Clarithromycin 500mg,and 8 steroids again groan..

My skin is looking like a leather handbag as it is,and these tabs usually clears my bugs up better than Amoxcillan, but I know I am heading for a bad tummy with them,I must be grateful for small mercies I suppose at least they will bring my breathing back up a bit..

I am in for a dose of nightmares and insomnia due to the steroids...

Just been advised by my doctor to be very careful with Oramorph,as it slows the breathing right down and only take the recommended dose.I must stop swigging from the bottle tut..

I hope this hot weather breaks soon I am melting...

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  • Oh poor you porche. We have just had a big storm with heavy rain. Much cooler now. Get well soon. I admire your ability to stay positive and help others.xx

  • Throw that storm my way Suzy..Thanks hun ..xx

  • Oh poor baby. Come to mummy Dozy's for a bit of pampering and being run around. The weather is breaking but too late, those pesky bugs got you. Lemme at 'em.

    Alternatively if you want to stay where you are, am sending a big feel better soon mummy hug. Take care D :) x x x

  • Aww thanks babes,I could do with a hug.I am sure those bugs swim around and say there she is,get her.!!

    Still hot and muggy here ,cant wait for it to break.Got the fan on full blast,between the fan ,oxy, n nebs I cant hear the tv ..I got it up full blast..My neighbours must think not only cant she breathe,she gone bloody deaf now as well lol..

    Thanks for the lovely msg xxxx

  • My heart goes out for you, I can relate to a few things in your post i.e the morphine as I have a damaged spinal cord after surgery some 16 years ago, as for swinging from the bottle its a bit naughty but needs must. It comes down to a balancing act how much you need to free up some of the horrendous pain you are in, I'm 56 in November but only diagnosed with COPD & Asthma about 3 years ago. I kicked the fags Jan 30th 2014 so nearly 6 months, funny that I end up in hospital but feel much better at times since stopping. You sound a very positive person and a fighter to. I hope everything works out for and will follow your posts as I feel their is so much more to understand from this site, it has certainly opened my eyes to thing relating to lung function. Thanks for all your lovely words how helpful they are. You take care Laura and we all must look forward to some British weather lol.x

  • Stop copying me Neil ,I am 56 too lolI got worse when I gave up the fags many moons ago,exacerbations frighten the life out of me when my breathe just goes!!

    I have made many ppl laugh in hospital and have made many friends along the way..

    I suffer with depression ,but I keep up there,I get the odd day the black cloud decends and I hide and then I throw open the blinds and think yay I am alive...

    I have given up all my vices ,fags wine, and now I am told off for swigging the Morph lol.

    Omg spinal injury..Are you in a wheelchair sweetie?I borrowed one once from red cross I had a sore bum for days..

    Have a nice evening hun,I am watching BB,,I lead a sad life lol..Keep smiling Laura x

  • You really do make me smile, yeah at times I use a wheelchair and its a bog standard one, but I do drive which makes life easier. Thanks for cheering me up, now I will leave you in peace to watch BB lolx

  • Here for you always hun..I had my friend push me in one other day at Musgrove hospital..She put me in a ditch and a family pulled me out lol.

    I had the last laugh as I told every one I passed I was abused lol.Great fun...

    I only use one if there is a distance to walk,and I quite like being pushed around..take care Keep smiling yeah x

  • Night night for now, you are a breath of fresh airx

  • Aww how sweet..breathe easy hun,chat tomorrow..Here for you night night.. my nose on lappy keys now,xxx

  • Hope you get better soon. My infection has finally gone picked up rescue pack today just in case. feeling very tired though. Love your sense of humour. X

  • Thanks hun,feeling yukky at the moment,but I will get there..I have energy drinks from hospital when I am tired..They are full of vitamins and

  • Thanks hun,feeling yukky at the moment,but I will get there..I have energy drinks from hospital when I am tired..They are full of vitamins and

  • So sorry you've got another infection, doesn't it get on your nerves. Funny we've had that conversation on here before about getting worse after giving up the fags. The humidity gets me it keeps threatening to storm round here, I hope it cools down before I come to your neck of the woods. I hope your feeling better really soon.

    Kim xxx

  • I remember chatting with my last infection..Thanks for your kind words xxx

  • Its so humid and muggy here sweetie,,I am melting..xxxx

  • Hi Laura,sorry to hear you,re feeling rough again.You still manage to make me smile with your funny posts though.I don,t seem to get infections but still get bouts of unexplained breathlessness,funny how we,re all different.Trying to avoid bumping up the steroids again.Hope you feel better soon.D. :d

  • Thanks Farmer,I get bad bouts of breathlesness for no reason..One minute I am walking around garden,pull a weed or something with exertion and My breathing just goes right down! I practically crawl to nebs and then it takes a while to come back up.Its so frightening ,I hum all the way through it in my head and when I feel a slight inclination I am on the right track I know I am getting there to the next episode..

    My docs and nurses keep saying I am doing well,but what else can they say nowt..

    I hope your coping in this heat sweetie I have had it bad but found a cold flannel and a fan with oxy up nose works treat lol..Take care ..Here as always xxxxx

  • You get better soon, d'you hear!!! See that post today re daliresp? May help. Am recovering from couple of heat exhaustion episodes .... first experienced that ... scary and not nice! We need constant fresh spring weather eh:) xxx

  • Hiya Julie,I am under the care of Williton Surgery, so I don't have to be admitted all the time..This weather has been ridiculous! I had damp flannels and the fan going constantly,but the air is warm and too thick,and ppl like us suffer horrendously..

    I hope your feeling better sweetie? nice to hear from you¬

    Are you better now?I hope so.Big hugs Laura x

  • Hi Laura, have you had any relief from the antibiotics and steroids ? Hope you're feeling a bit better.

  • Bless you Argana,I am going through the yuk part ,where it is breaking and my lungs feel on fire..I am getting there though.The only thing is I am off my food,Usually by now I am eating everything in sight on steroids..

    Just woke up for nebs, and my J.Kyle fix lol.

    How are you feeling? x

  • That breaking stage can be so painful and every cough like it's tearing your chest apart but hopefully it should be followed by a bit of an improvement. I've had great relief from Spiriva this week so very grateful for that. But I think I have an infection too with a great rattly wheeze and congestion. I really hope you get some relief soon. Xx

  • I stopped taking Spiriva, as I use Ipratropium in the nebs and you can't use the two together as it affects the eyes! I prefer the nebs as it helps clear the muck..

    You sound as if you have an infection,get it seen to asap as it spreads rapidly and can go quite deep.Spiriva was great when I was on it ,but for some reason it stopped working for me,apparently your body can get used to certain inhalers if you have been on them a while,and a change now and again benefits..

    Hope you haven't got an infection.Good luck Laura xx

  • Hello there Porche- I'm pretty new to this forum but I liked your posts so much that I've managed to actually reply for once! You sound like you're having a really tough time of it- saw your last posts about some of your other problems- but you seem to cope so well & other folk respond to your chirpy messages.

    I'm 'originally' a Lupus forum lassie, living in sunny Ireland, but since original diagnosis about 13-15 years ago, I've been fairly badly hit with different problems with organs, including chest- mixture of 'severe' asthma & bronchiectasis (about 8- 9 years now- yikes!?). So now longer bouncing round, pretty much wheelchair bound & on oxygen. Just discovered about the same time as you that I've very likely got pulmonary hypertension which is causing cor pulmonale (heart failure) & symptoms like you. My hearts been enlarged for a while apparently, Docs picked it up same time as lots of bilateral clots in lung. So I can appreciate a bit of your frustration etc, but I reckon I can learn from your positive attitude. :) I hope you get rid of that lousy infection you have at the moment- maybe we could swop tips! I get IV immunoglobulins every 3 weeks to help reduce infections & I'm convinced its working- hooray! Anyway, off to dream of better times. Sorry for waffling on. All the best Claire

  • Hello Cmac,welcome aboard,Yea sweetie,I am in the latter stage of Emphysema and its a horrid disease.There is one thing you have to stay on top,because there as been times I have hit the lows and its a long climb back up..The ppl on here are fabulous,and we are all in the same boat ,one way or another..

    Omg you live in Ireland,beautiful place..I live in Somerset but originally from sunny Wales not ;lol..

    Last time I was in hospital, I was in bed next to a young girl with Lupus.Poor you are going through it and always here to talk sweetie..My stomach n ankles kankles lol kept swelling and they said it was cor pulmonale..It scared me a bit as I was swelling up for no reason and looked 9mths preggy at 56...(not a good look lol)

    They gave me ct scans and found cyst on left kidney ,Gall stones bouncing around and this cor pul thingy, so all in all we are a little similar, and if ever you want to waffle on ,you waffle on and I will listen sweetie..

    Tell you secret,peeps on here are so lovely and understanding..Write a post and the replies will flood in try it? Any time you want to chat I'm here..Have a good day hun and keep smiling ..Big hugs Laura xxxxx

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