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Copd and Cpap machine

Hi all, would like to ask a question, if anyone with Copd has had bad reaction to partners cpap machine, as my husband uses one for his sleep apnea, and just wondered if there was any possibility it might harm me, the air coming out is cold which on nights like we've been having recently could be quite welcome but l don't find it so, always have felt the cold but last night with the cold air blowing on my face l felt distinctly uncomfortable.

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I know exactly what you mean. My husband has a fan blowing on him all night in the hot weather and sometimes I don't like it so I put pillows between us and put a sheet over them, unfriendly I know, but it keeps it off me.


Thanks Suzy6, ahhhh you have my sympathy, it is'nt very pleasant is it!. But am wondering because l remember reading somewhere about NOT drying clothes inside because of it making the air damp and possible breathing problems ie; asthma etc.


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