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Travel insurance questions

Please can anyone help with travel insurance questions. I have emphysema and bronchiectasis. Earlier this year whilst in Spain was admitted to hospital with pneumonia.

Insurers paid up for everything. Now I come to renewal. I tell them I have emphysema and bronchs. I tell them I was in hospital with pneumonia during the last year. They ask me have I been in hospital during the last year with emphysema or brochiactasis? Is the answer no because I has pneumonia or is it yes because I am obviously susceptable to pneumonia because of weakened lungs? Or should I speak to a lawyer?

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Hi barnowl,

Why don't you give our helpline a call? We have specialist advisers who might be able to help you.

The number is 03000 030 555

Thanks, and good luck,



If you are renewing with the same Company, then they will already have the paperwork from you for the claim so refer them to that. If a different Company, then give them copies of your previous claim documents, which should indicate the reason for the claim. Either way, I fear that your travel insurance is going to cost you a lot more money this year.


Thanks HuwieHex, sounds like good advise. I think maybe I'll wait for them to send me my renewal and take it from there. In the meantime I've tried other on-line sites and have ended up with quotes £300 less than I was paying before!! arnowl1


I have been in your exact position. The correct answer is "NO" to having been hospitalised because of emphysema or brochiactasis and "YES" to having been hospitalised with pneumonia. Your premium will go up - probably quite a bit - but having experienced their claims side you will probably be glad to pay and have the reassurance.


Thanks or your advice Tetrazinni. Glad to hear a positive reply.


My sister has Lupus and was in hospital with a kidney problem in sri lanka some years back the company she used refused to insure her again but she found another which was a bit dearer than before even after stating what she has and why she was in hospital.

I have never gone with the holiday suppler insurer as once they go though my pre existing they rip me off. I have saved £100's of pounds shopping around and in a couple of case's they are with the same underwriters?

Be Well


Thanks Offcut, I have tried doing this on-line and some amazing results. This is when I come across the question I have asked about and was unsure what to state. Obviously I want to get it correct so that I am fully covered. I think I'll try phoning for future quotes. At least you are speaking to someone barnowl


you have to dot the I's and cross the T's or they will find a way out of paying.


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