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I bought one of these a few months ago and the initial effect is very positive in seeming to make my breathing deeper. I checked out the earlier comments (made about a year ago) on this forum and think I am OK in terms of conditions which would preclude my using it. I must, however, report that following use of the device, I had severe cases of diarrhoea (very acute in the second instance which (from internet research salmonella poisoning as it took five days to really go away!) I have been wary of using the device since then. Were the attacks just pure coincidence or does anyone think there could be a connection (increased demands being placed on respiratory muscles having a negative impact on intestines)? Thanks in anticipation. (Background: I have 'ordinary' asthma (brought on by being a typical idiot of my generation and smoking about 30 cigarettes a day for the best part of 30 years!)

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  • Hi - I bought one of these for my COPD about 6 or 7 years ago. I stuck with for a few weeks but disontinued use as (forCOPD) I didn't think it any use whatsoever (we already over use our breathing muscles and in our case shortness of breath is helped more by physical exercise etc). However, one of my major concerns with it was hygiene - there were days when I didn't bother to wash it and I believe we risk infection if it is not properly cleaned and dried after each use. Were I to have continued using it, I think I would have protected myself by using something like a 'Milton' solution to soak it in (it is safe and used for sterilising babies bottles). So in answer to your question - if you were not washing and drying it you may well inadvertantly introduce a variety germs to your system. Other than that, glad it worked for you. I gave mine away to someone who in turn was unimpressed and binned it - that said, for someone that has weakened 'breathing muscles', for example post intubation etc they may be of some use - but then the hospitals already have there own gadgets for patients to use for that.

  • Thanks. Yes, you could well be right re the infection through non-sterilisation/washing at very regular intervals. (To be fair to the manufacturers, they do strongly recommend this in the instructions but (like many people I suspect*) I did not do it. (*Re the comments there have also been re SALT PIPE, my asthma nurse was also horrified and said there must be huge risks of infection with this as well - another reason why I threw mine away). I suspect my Power Breathe will be going the same way. I am coming to the conclusion that all of these "aids" are not really that much use in any case and that half an hour's swimming/walking per day will probably do more for your breathing than all of them combined!

  • I was given a plastic thingy with 3 balls in 3 tubes and I had to try and get all of them up to the top after a spell in ICU with lung failure. It took some time but did it. and it was free from the hospital but seen them on Amazon at a fair price.

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  • Thanks for the reply. As with my previous response, I am going to give up on such devices and try and get more walking and swimming in instead; I think they are the best things which can be done.

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