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Salt pipe ( Day 11 )

Good start to the day, very little to cough up this morning, its been very hot today and I think I over did the work I was trying to do in the garden, chest went tight this evening had to use my inhaler.

I will have to learn my limitations, legs very painful as I have pad as well as copd.

but salt pipe really helps with the amount of mucus in the morning its also very easy to expel.

♡ T

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You take things easy btown and try not to overdo anything. Glad the salt pipe is working well for you. What a result! Take care. xxx


Thanks Sassy59 I will ♡♡


I tried the salt pipe a couple of years ago and it was great to begin with. I then found the effects diminished quite quickly after a short time. It was also a nuisance having to refill with salt, the effects of which did not seem to las that long.


You're doing really well btown...well done.


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