After Pulmonary Rehab.

Hi Everyone, I had my final assessment this morning after completing PR. The Physio told me beforehand that the distance walked is usually less than at the intermediate assessment, I surprised her and walked further. She was really pleased with me.

Since finishing PR I have carried on doing the exercises and walking, I've also started eating more healthily with guidance from a dietician and have lost weight (yippee), I did 6 weeks zumba aquaerobics, which was a good laugh and I'm going to do 6 weeks yoga, all with Live Well Suffolk and it's free. I feel really pleased with myself, so if you get the opportunity to go on a Pulmonary Rehab. course, take it, you never know, you might enjoy it, I know I did.

Take care, Lizzy.

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  • That's great news Lizzy - both on the exercise and the weight loss! Well done you!

  • Evening.

    And so you should be feeling pleased with yourself that's fantastic, well done keep up the good work.

    Kim xxx

  • Good stuff ! :) I looked up the Live Well Suffolk but it's about 46 miles away. It would be nice if they had more venues.

  • Hi Puffthemagicdragon, I don't know where you are but Live Well Suffolk operate their programme of fitness and health in 3 different centres in Suffolk, Haverhill, Bury-St.-Edmunds and Sudbury. Enquire in your area to see if there is anything that would help, maybe your Practice Nurse would know. xx

  • Bury would be closer to me. I'm further up north near the Norfolk border. Thanks for the info. :)

    Call me Puff, everybody else does ! :)

  • Hi Puff, Live Well Suffolk are on, tel: 01473 229292. They organise walks in Brandon, Eye, Bungay and Beccles if they are nearer to where you live. Give them a call and get out there and enjoy Suffolk. Take care, Lizzy xx

  • oooo, I must tell my sisters who live in Suffolk between Bury & Newmarket.

    Well done you Lizzy on the PR, exercise & weight loss. You must feel made up - Zumba, wow! :)

  • Hi peeg, thanks for your good wishes. The zumba was in the water so we were laughing a lot trying to keep up with the instructor who was on terra ferma! Then I had to buy size 18 clothes I decided that was just a step too far so I did something about it and am pleased with the results. Take care, Lizzy xx

  • Thanks for the info. The Bungay and Beccles area would suit me fine. I'll look into it. :)

  • Super uplifting post |Lizzie, I finish my PR Course tomorrow , has been such a valuable experience , I too feel a lot fitter , will continue with my program at home ,losing weight

    eating healthily , we have had an interesting time. Have learned so much about COPD and how to improve the quality of my life ! Would recommend PR

  • Thanks Travelmate, glad you enjoyed PR and found it helpful. I feel really well at the moment and this lovely sunny weather doesn't affect me at all. I lap it up but, of course, I don't sit in the sun and I wait until evening to take my walk. Keep focused and make the most of your PR experience. Take care, Lizzy.

  • Does PR always involve walking? I just wonder as I was diagnosed years ago and have only heard it mentioned here. Never been.

  • Hi RibvanRey, during the PR programme walking is done indoors and you are monitored for your blood pressure, heart rate and breathing whilst doing it. It's not too strenuous. We are all encouraged to walk for our general health as well as helping you to sleep better, heart health, reduce blood pressure and help to manage your weight. Amongst other things done on PR are marching, side stretches, weights, leg exercises, step-ups and heel raises. Ask about it at your surgery, you would find it helpful and the physios who run the classes are specially trained so you wouldn't be expected to do anything you are not happy with. Take care, Lizzy xx

  • Thanks. That explains why it hasn't been suggested. Rib

  • Not necessarily, exercise is tailored to suit the patient. Some have to stay on or by the chair - me, I managed the little trampoline . It's measured on your before & after to see if you can improve. Everyone's 'before' is different.

    Go for it, you won't regret it :)

  • Thank you. I will discuss it if they ever bring the subject up. Rib

  • im going for my second pr,congratulations on doing so well.i found it was best when i set my own targets and worked the full hour,a lot stopped with five minutes to keep up your good work,but keep your eye on the copd as it will creep up

    and floor you,as it did me on my first rehab,took five weeks to contain it about twelve to get over it

  • Hi squady, sorry you had such a bed experience after your PR. At the moment I feel really well and am lapping up the lovely warm sunshine. When I was at PR I kept going for as long as possible until we were called in for the warm down session.

    Anyway, you take care and enjoy your second PR. Love Lizzy xx

  • Im due to go for pulmonry rehab . But quite aprehensive later stages of copd asthma and bronciectasis cant see getting even more out of breath giving me any joy....and if it takes me 12 weeks like squady to get over it. Im definitely not going. ..Feel life too short to suffer even more ..had this disease 60 years and find my own way of dealing with it think an hohrs drive in country do me more good than an hour of a near death experience. !!!!!

  • hi sue48,dont let my skirmish with copd and re hab stop you,ive been sick since 1962.the army said i would not see 21,they gave me a lung reduction in the hope it would stop the acute bronchiectasis,but could not remove all the damage,got really sick five years ago and we all thought it was just the usual,and they could not contain it,the specialist done all the test and the spiro,said it was severe copd,because i asked for it straight,he said two years if they cant bring it under control,now i get infections every month or two,so please give it a crack,then go for the drive

  • I know you are right really just havinb a p[$#~d off kind of day i had asthma for 60 years now copd and bronciectasis .no trreatment at all till i was abt 15 ..67 now so hence all side effects from 30 yrs non stop steroids etc i,ll give it a go who knows what may happen . Hmmmmm ! Thanjs for words of encouragement . Good luck to you nite n bless sue x

  • HI sue48, sorry you feel so negative about PR, I'm sure if you gave it a try you would enjoy it. I have COPD, bronchiectasis with some asthma and I managed it with no problem. I do my exercises at home and walk, been to aquaerobics and am going to do yoga because I feel so well. If you have accepted your place on the course and don't go you are robbing someone else of the chance to go. So come on Sue be positive, grab the chance of a new experience and go for it. Take care, Lizzy xx

  • At PR you only do what you feel comfortable doing.There is a graded list of breathlessness,can,t remember what it,s called.1 to 10 if you stay around 3 you,re not out of breath just beginning to feel it.They recommend going to 4 I think but it,s always up to you.I found it really helpful( and I,m a lazy so and so) D.

  • Hi Farmer D, the breathlessness score is called a 'Borg' score. And you are right if you can get to 4 that's fine. If you think how well you felt after doing PR then it might spur you on to keep up the exercises. Enjoy the lovely sunshine. Take care, L:izzy.

  • I am looking forward to going, if and when I get an appointment, I've been waiting 18 months but have been told by my Doctor she will see what the hold up is. I'm not holding my breathe though.

  • Hi Suzy6, your positivity is very encouraging to others. I do hope you get your chance of PR soon and that you enjoy it and you feel the benefit. Take care, Lizzy xx

  • I now do a permanent PR gym session every Friday plus my daily walks and "playing in my wheelchair",I can now push myself up the hill that I struggle to walk up so it,s all good exercise.Cheers :D

  • I would hardly call you a 'lazy so-and-so' with all that going on Farmer D.

    I admire your tenacity and good humour. Take care, Lizzy

  • Great news keep it up and well done.

  • congrats on finishing your pr like you i am now on (down here in the west of somerset what we call passport to health) and i attend the gym at the sports centre its not free ( as i opted for the gym) but the gym is only £2 to get in and instructor shows you how to use the machines and what weights to have and will reassess me in 3 weeks the swimming pool is only a £1 for a session. Like you i am really enjoying it. Marian xx

  • Good for you Marian, take every opportunity to get out there and try new experiences. We can use the gym at the Sports and Leisure Centre at a reduced price and be regularly assessed by the instructor, I've not done that yet as you have to get your doctors approval and I've been too busy doing all the other things but I might have a go later. Thanks for your support. Take care, Lizzy xx

  • Conratulations. Sounds like you are doing everything to improve condition. I try to walk etc.



  • Hi Malinka, thanks for your good wishes. Glad that you walk, it's a very good exercise for your general health. I feel great at the moment and am really enjoying this lovely weather. Take care, Lizzy xx

  • Oh I thinks it's fab, really surprised myself cos I thought I wouldn't be able to do it, instead I am rocking it and will continue when it's finished. I feel so much better and all the talks about breathing techniques etc are really helping too. I shall miss my two afternoons a week with the physio and everyone else :)

  • Hi Bryju, glad you're enjoying PR. Now I've had my two assessments I will miss seeing the Physio she was so nice and encouraging. As you say the talks are really interesting and helpful. The one we had from an Occupational Therapist put me on the road to contacting our County Council and I now have 3 grab rails in the bathroom and one by the front door and a banister to help get upstairs all for free, I think that is really marvellous and I have PR to thank. Enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts. Take care, Lizzy xx

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