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Spirometry result

I had my spirometry test on Tuesday and it has come back as normal, I think it's FEV 77 and FVC 79 from what I can see. My lung age is 64, I'm 51, so that's not too good. So apparently I don't yet have COPD, but at high risk of developing it, so def need to stop smoking. The nurse gave me some champix, has anyone tried these? I also have an e cig which I bought a while ago. All I need now is to get in the right mindset.

Hope you are all keeping well in this heat.

Val xx

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Hi Poppin

I smoked between 60 & 80 a day and the stop smoking helpline suggested that tried Champix as other products had not helped. I completed the course and have not smoked for 6 years now and do not crave cigs. Champix does not suit everyone but it is well worth trying, I continued to smoke for 2 weeks and then quit on the date I had proposed to do. Smoked 10 cigs that day and that was it.

Good luck and I hope what ever you decide to go with works for you.



Wow Brina, that's brilliant, well done to you.

I might give them a go, I've got nothing to lose have I


Same here - after years of really trying hard to give up with patches and failing (pre diagnosis) they finally let me have 'expensive' Champix and I never looked back. It seemed so easy - I didn't even need the entire course - what I liked was that I totally lost any desire for a cigarette. As expensive as it may be, if they gave it to everyone that wanted to stop I am sure it would work out much cheaper in the long run. Go for it -and ditch the E Cig as soon as possible - although it may not be as harmful as tobacco it is still inhaling vapour that inflames the airways so is not good news (in my opinion). Don't worry though, 2-3 weeks on the Champix and you won't want it anymore anyway! Good luck x


Thanks Parvati, I really hope so x


Hi Poppin, after many failed attempts to give up smoking I decided to try visiting a hypnotist. After paying my fee I walked out and thought what a waste of money it was. Two years down the line and haven't had or even fancied a cigarette since! This is only my personal experience. Good luck.



I was diagnosed with angina 3 years ago. I blamed the fags so gave there up there and then. Never looked back.


I was a 40 a day man and had many fails on trying to give them up. But when I was in hospital 1992 for 10 days on O2 with double pneumonia and was not allowed to light up. I never smoked again. Funny thing is if some one lights up close by they still smell nice :(

My lungs are so messed up now I would be insane to even think of smoking again.

Be Strong and Be Well


Hi Poppin, I was diagnosed 4 weeks ago. Bit of a shock. I have smoked for 45 years I am now 60 and I haven't had a cig for last 4 weeks but have been using e cig (10motives). My daughter has used champix and I know quite a few people who have had them and it has worked for them so if you in right mind set try them. I wish you all the best


Thank you for all your replies. I will definitely give it a go, I just need to get my head in the right place. Whether giving up now will stop me developing COPD, I'm not sure, I think the damage has been done, but I can slow the onset down.


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