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Diagnosed 4 weeks ago shock horror. But not breatheless until I have a cold which goes on my chest. Stage 2 it seems but was tested when I couldn't breathe properly and was still getting over my infection. I presume they must be right. Have been smoker for 45 years but have now started using e cig which seems frowned on but haven't had a cig for 4 weeks of which I am very pleased with if no one else is. Back to chest nurse on Monday. Not sure this inhaler atrovent is right my throat seems very dry. Does anyone else have this Am also using salbutamol inhaler too

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  • Sorry to hear about your dx but welcome to the club. You may find you go to level one when you have tests while well. I hope so.

    Well done for giving up the cigs. If I was a smoker I'd be trying e-cigs too. Never mind what people say, at least you've stopped poisoning the lungs. 45 years, phew, blumming well done.

    Try gargling after your atrovent, might improve the dry throat. If there's no improvement in a couple of weeks see your doc. It often takes a while to get your meds right to suit you personally.

    Keep coming here to learn as much as you can to support self management of what ever you have. P

  • Have found this site very helpful and not as terrified as I first was when diagnosed. Definitely think having a good dr is one of the main things people need. Too many scary stories out there and when left to find your own stuff out the bad reports are always the first ones to pop up. Many thanks for your response

  • Forgot to say also had a chest X-ray over 2 weeks ago and not heard anything back yet. Suppose no news is good news

  • If you're in the UK you will probably need to ring the GP for your results. They rarely ring us anymore. We do have to be proactive to get the best from docs :)

  • I am back at docs on Monday to see chest nurse. Will ask then.

  • I am sorry you have been diagnosed with lung problems but congrats of giving up the evil fags. Ignore what everyone says about e-cigs - the Govt doesn't make any money out of them which is why they disapprove. It is still much better to use them than smoke. Carry on giving up. xx

  • I have every intention of not smoking again. Hopefully these e cigs will help. Not wanted a cig which I am really pleased about

  • With the dry throat try a gargle of water after taking it. It helps me.

    As for e cigs I am not 100% convinced as they have had no real medical tests to see if they are of help but do keep of the cigs as they are not good for you or anyone else around you.

    Not sure if you have been on salbutamol for long but if you have a spacer see which gives you the best results. Some do not get the full benefit from just the inhaler on its own!

    You are as well as you feel not what may be on the google site you found ;)

    Be Well

  • Thank you. Yes very worrying some if these sites. Just wish it had been picked up sooner because unless I get a cold that goes to my chest I don't suffer any symptoms , not even out of bteath

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