HEALTHUNLOCKED did search for communities to do with ASBESTOS

And come across one group .. that dont like talking about asbestos only intrested in fundinding.

Anyway I would like a open group that is not affiliated with those that try to pretend everything is ok and dont use there health unlocked community page group

I know asbestos is not best subject in the would to talk about esp with afor said mentioned but how are thing's going to change if those with oppertunites fail to realise them .... we all suffer i would think also a dont think that is what health unlocked is about.

The group i found was Asbestos Society of SA on health unlocked .. Quite unbelievable there is not a open group dedicated to asbestos

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  • Wishing you well in forming a group that does what you want

  • Hi ian123 dont get that ... really BUT nope think your quite wrong Usaly and dont respond to names like 123 as could be 122 or 121 sure you get the idea

    If you had done search your self for community you would see there is only that one on healthunlocked

    Looking at dermagrathics of healthunlocked UK Usa are biggest contributors .. Your self excluded of course

  • Never really looked into asbestos forums information sites but just checked out and found it interesting. It's taken over a year but now its been confirmed that on the balance of probabbility (in the eyes of the government )that the fibres in my lungs are more than likely asbestos (though consultants have been saying it all the time) and I can proceed with a claim, but unfortunately my solicitor (and myself ) are now struggling to find the Liability Insurer for the company which went bust. So as a result will probably have to go to IIDB for 'Means Tested Compensation' which will be far less than the disease has cost me financially and in health ... But cheers Offcut it's an interesting site - Plumbob


    Start your own for free?

  • Starting a community on Health Unlocked a platform that is familiar and effective.

  • good thinking!

  • If one is started we would like to participate also

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