Dozy is awake

Morning All

Well I went to bed around midnight, well hydrated and having eaten nothing since 6.30pm. Strike 2 off the list.

Woke at 3.00, no headache but that is usual. Drank some water after returning to my snuggle pit.

Alarm call at 6.00 and yes that dratted headache was back. Note I say was, 'cos I ignored it or tried to. By the time Mr Dozy brought up the tea, it was no more than a memory. Would have taken my sats but left the oximeter downstairs! Fat lot of good it is down there. So that's tomorrow's task. Have a good day y'all and try to stay chilled man.... D :) x

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  • You stay chilled to Dozy ! :)

  • I was pleased to get up this morning - these hot nights aren't for me at all. I can snuggle down better when it is chilly. I try to drink lots of water but then ...wake up and wonder do i really have to get up for the loo. The fan whirrs away, but then that wakes me up. Hope headache is better.

  • You stay chilled too Dozy. Have a good day. Hope you are headache free.

  • You stay chilled too Dozy. Have a good day. Hope you are headache free.

  • Yes keep your cool! the nights have been warm, I have a very large fan that I throw myself in front of in the wee hours, heaven! Glad your headache disappeared and I hope it stays gone! Enjoy the day Dozy :) xxx

  • Hey Dozy - how about setting the alarm for 5.30 and see if the headache has arrived by then? Anything's worth a try ;) - well, almost anything!! :)

    Smiler x

  • Hi DD how are you sory for being missing in action it's been a bit hectic but i will be on more and bring up some photos of the wedding, i better say hello to everyone.mattcass

  • Morning DD & everyone, I do hope that headache has gone :) DD, can you get another oximeter to keep one up & one down?

  • Detective Dozy on the case eh, will send a deerstalker in the post :) xxx

  • Keep on glugging D seems like it might be helping.Try and remember your sats thingymejig and see how that is tomorow,and hopefully, voila! headache all gone! A happier chilled out DD :) Janexx

  • Hi DD, Mad Doctor Tony just reminding you to take that oxy meter to bed with you. :) . Who knows a little oxygen tweeking could be the answer to that sore head of yours yeh'

    Don't know about you DD but my thermostat is stuck on high, cooling fan ain't working and my pressure cap is about to blow!

    Its fit to breath for me tomorrow at 10 oclock so I hope like last week they go easy on us.

    Tony xxx

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