Don't FORGET HealthUnlocker's

Don't FORGET HealthUnlocker's

To @twitter & @facebook your breathtakingmoment using #hastag to @VirginBalloons YEP raising awarness and helping others who think there alone ... as members of healthunlocked we all know we are not alone .... Yet that was not always the case.

‪#‎breathtakingmoments‬ : Yep mine is Befour & After ‪#‎healthunlocked‬ :The social network for ‪#‎health‬


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  • I do not use Twitter or Facebook Daz but I do applaud your post. The t-shirt looks good. How do you get one of those? Hope you are doing ok and big up Healthunlocked and all its fine members. Take care xxxx

  • Hi sassy59 cheers yer do like shirt its not over top .. and can see my guns etc :)

    defo guna ware it next time go out for liqued lunch.

    As far as shirt .. As you know am quite vocal and have lot to say .. bad spelling or not BUT must been talking to right people.

    But yer to pinpoint whitch one would be hard to rember BUT yer its healthunlocked

    One the back of the shirt .. It as healthunlocked the social network for health.

    To be honest it was quite a shock how lung disease ad been quietly doing away with my exersice tolarance levals.

    A thought a was doing ok but when i got viagra LETs say it was bigger shock that worked BUT i did't

    Like a said to my doc am not going out that way.

    So been working on my GUNS waights and are out squats

    And even tho its hard am getting back to resnoble excersise tolarace leval

    Quite inpressed how thay work .. but yer feel ok and still of antibiotics .. i.e month now and am getting my abs back.

  • You seem to be doing well at the moment Daz and long may that last. You take care and keep going. Wishing you well as always. xxxx

  • I agree with sassy 59, well done on the t shirt dazisnotsogoodxx

  • Hi twiceshy3 cheers n thanks x

  • Hi Dazer,how,s it going?I got my T shirt too although I don,t wear T shirts but I am promoting Healthunlocked on my twitter and Facebook accounts.Well done mate keep it up(lol) D. :D

  • Hi farmerD hi cheers yer sweet been doing my bit .. to thats all can manage these days but yep am geting there now.

    Cheers hope ya doing well to and cheers :)

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