Balloon and green light bulb?

Is it just me that cannot find it, or has the light bulb which was at the bottom right hand corner of each page disappeared completely?

This was to ask questions or inform BLF of any problems regarding the new layout of the site. Suggestions could also be made this way.

I have not been so active lately due to a couple of reasons, and am wondering if it is me getting confused or not!! Thanks to anyone who can enlighten me.

hugs from Huggs xxx

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  • Hi

    It seems to have done.

    Use the help Center right on Green Bar., and click contact us.

  • Hi Stone,

    Thanks for that. Its a pity, because I still had more to say! I will however do as you suggest. I think it has been removed prematurely, but at least we can still contact them. As far as I am aware, the points that I and others brought up have not been addressed.

    Take care,

    lots of hugs,

    Huggs xxx

  • Hi Huggs

    As the site is now officially launched, there would no need for the feedback as that was for the bete version.

    From the information I have seen there will be adjustments based on suggestion recieved. There can be no guarantee that any we have made will be included.

    It is a case of one size fits all.

    There is still a few glitches .

    As your new tea shirt and poster arrived yet, mines due anytime.

    First to post a selfie.

  • HI Stone,

    My biggest gripe is with the pm service. When you receive a pm, it now takes you to the very bottom of the page to the latest message. Before, when you clicked on to get your new pm, it took you straight to it. Now you have to keep scrolling down to the bottom of the page which is irritating. It would be far more sensible to put the newest pm's at the top, and the oldest at the bottom.

    It will be interesting to see if there are any changes made.

    lots of hugs,

    Huggs xx

  • Hi Stone,

    Mine arrived today. My tee shirt is bright green, and there are three posters to distribute. I will put the posters up in appropriate places, but no way am I posing wearing that tee shirt!!

    You might find the sizing is a bit off!! Mine certainly is! Yours will probably arrive tomorrow or the next day. Look forward to seeing your selfie, if you can get into the tee shirt that is. ha ha.

    lots of hugs,

    Huggs xxx

  • Hi Huggs

    Thank you

    Selfie for a I- pad.

    Mines going on Facebook , if it fits?

  • I don't do Facebook, so you will have to find a way of posting it on this forum! ha ha ha

    By the way, another problem with the messaging service is that even though you press the reply button once, it often goes out 2,3, or 4 times. Once I received the same message from someone15 times! I think she thought the message hadn't gone, because it is not so clear now. One message I sent to someone got it 4 times, and I honestly only pressed the button once and very lightly, and it was printed on my page 4 times as well!! Is there any way of deleting these duplicate messages?

    Thanks Stone.

    lots of hugs,

    Huggs xxxx

  • Hi Huggs

    To delete.



    Tick the boxes for the ones you wish to delete.

    Click Delete button.

    When you click on a message there is no such option for replies?

    Very strange.

  • There is a reply button only at the end of the last message sent. I didn't say there was no reply button, there is when you send a message, but if I click on a message in the middle of my 91 messages for example there is no reply option. I was just saying that when I or other people who message me, then it goes through multiple times. I am going now to try and delete my duplicate messages.

    Thanks again for your help.

    hugs from Huggs xxx

  • Hi huggs,you are right,it has disappeared,don't know why! xxx

  • Thanks Wendells,

    I have been a bit confused recently at times, and wondered if it was just me. It must have only disappeared in the last couple of days or so.

    lots of hugs,

    Huggs xxx

  • Hi Huggs

    Reference PMs

    When go to your messages,

    They are in order last one at the top.

    Next to each message there may be a number, this indicate you are in a conversation.

    It will start at first message at the top, and follow the conversation.

    They said .

    You said

    They said

    With a reply box at the bottom.

    Is this not the correct way like holding a normal conversation?

  • Hi Stone,

    When you go to the newest message, and there is numbers there, but when you click on to read the full message the new one disappears and the oldest one is at the top. I just checked my latest pm and we have exchanged 91 messages, so have to scroll right to the bottom to get to the new one. When you have so many messages with one or more people it is obviously a long on going conversation over a period of time, so you know what all the previous stuff is about, and you can scroll upwards if you need to remind yourself of anything. It is not only me that finds this a nuisance, when you have a lot of pm's. I do see your point, but I would find it far more convenient to have the newest messages at the top, and the older ones at the bottom.

    Thanks anyway,

    take care,

    lots of hugs,

    Huggs xx

  • Hi Huggs

    One solution is start a new conversation on a daily bases.

    Rather then reply to last message, the first person to reply starts with a new PM with the same title.

    If you look a the PMs we exchange there two different session on the same subject.

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