Wales is to ban smoking in cars with children

Did you all see the fantastic news last week? The Welsh government has announced that it will ban smoking in cars with children on board.

This is all down to your hard work supporting our campaign - so thank you.

On our blog, Matthew from BLF Wales writes about how important this will be.

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  • Fantastic news,this has made my day..x

  • good ,but how do you police it?

  • There is no way to police it.

  • It is just as enforcable - if not moreso - than compulsary seatbelts.

    As BLF CEO Penny Woods wrote recently:

    "Laws relating to smoking in work vehicles, wearing seatbelts, and child car-seat regulations are already successfully enforced in this country, and no policing organisation has made any suggestion that enforcing the ban on smoking in cars carrying children would be any more difficult.

    "Similar bans are already successfully enforced in countries like Australia, South Africa and Canada, and there is no reason to believe British authorities would be any less capable."

  • Well said Mr Robinson

  • That is good news.Over here in OZ,it has carried a $200. On the spot fine,since Jan2010.& seems to have worked well.The police here,& I'm sure it would be the same in the UK,have a radar gun,that sees into your car,so can spot if you are smoking,or using a mobile phone etc.Im afraid the mobile users,haven't responded as well as the smokers!!

  • I think that is fantastic news, and I must admit that my first thought was how they were going to police it. I would have thought that this has been already worked out before the law was passed. Who knows though with governments! However, as Wendells has mentioned, it seems to work in Australia and maybe a similar system will be implemented in Wales. I would presume that they looked at countries with this law in place and will have seen how it is policed.

    Let us hope that Wales is just the beginning in the UK.

    hugs from Huggs xx

  • Good news but smoking in cars with children in them should be banned everywhere, full stop.

  • Very good news indeed.It wont take long once a few have been caught the word will spread and for the defiant their purse will be hit no doubt .What is the cost of being caught does anyone know? :) Janexx

  • Dunno Jane, it's got to be worth it though.

    5 years ago I was stopped using my phone, 10 MPH in Richmond Park. It was £80 on the spot and 3 points on my licence.

    Some great news for a change eh

  • It is peeg change is always a little strange especially for those it affects there will be plenty that will try flouting it no doudt there are still loads who use their mobiles still,personally with mobiles idont think hands free should be allowed either cos phone calls can be distracting it only takes a moment to crash into or run over,just saying :D Janexx

  • I agree totally Jane

  • So it is banned in a car when moving about 60MPH with the windows open, lasting a couple of hours at the most, when you can smoke in the house 24/7 and they cannot do a thing. If they ban it in cars they should ban it altogether!

  • Scribe,

    Research suggests that smoking in a car is much more toxic than in the home. Smoking just one cigarette in a car creates pollution levels ELEVEN times higher than in a smoky pub, pre smoking ban.

    Even opening the car windows and air conditioning on doesn't make a huge difference - the pollution levels still FAR exceed reccommended safety limits.

    You can see more information on our infographic:

  • Great news !

  • This is excellent news. Well done to everyone involved.

  • I think the most important part of this is simply making people realise that anybody smoking in a car occupied by children is an idiot,as for using a moble phone they should be shot on sight lol.D.

  • Good news but it makes me wonder how they are going to police it.

  • Surely people are not that stupid ,as to listen to the pathetic out rules again that does not concern them, there are some uneducated people that smoke irresponsible .but most people are tuned in to what's right,don't need to be Told what to do!!!

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