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I,m going to The Royal Brompton on Wednesday 30th July to take part in their Research Event,assuming I,m fit enough to get there.Back down to 30mg prednisolone and struggling a bit ,should be down to 20mg by then.If any of you good people are going please feel free to say hello,I,ll be the odd looking one with the long white beard, probably have to be in my wheelchair.I,m hoping I will have received my "party pack" from BLF(healthunlocked)so should be easily picked ( on lol) out.Hope to meet some of you lovely folk there,have a soopah week D. :D

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  • Good luck, I'll keep everything crossed for a good outcome.

    Kim xxx

  • Well done FarmerD, If I was closer I would come along and say hello, its always good to meet a fellow healthunlockeder. :)

  • I wont be there for a while yet,have to have rehab again.I would have loved to have been there just to say hello ...Laura x

  • I wont be there for a while yet,have to have rehab again.I would have loved to have been there just to say hello ...Laura x

  • Hopefully when you,re feeling better there ,ll be another opportunity,maybe we could share a cup of coffee,take care.D.

  • Just thought about that,didn't mean we would share a coffee but that I could buy you a coffee,a whole one all to yourself lol.:D

  • Lol we will meet up one day no doubt,xx

  • Going to be a busy week,Monday have Occupational Health chap visiting,Tuesday see my consultant and then Wednesday the Brompton.Oh well might take my mind off not being able to breath lol. :d

  • Sorry to hear your breathing is still so troublesome. Enjoy the event at the Brompton !

  • Thanks Argana,should be interesting if nothing else.D.

  • Enjoy the day Farmer. Hope you meet some people from here. I'm so jealous. Let us know how it goes.xx

  • I am sure it is a different RBH study, but just had one of my BE members dropped out from a study after walking down Oxford Street traffic etc etc and other tests to be told he was'nt well enough and the promised remuneration withdrawn - I will investigate and advise!

  • Let us know how you get on I'm to far away living in Shropshire

  • The royal Brompton is huge! The staff is great. There's some sort of cafeteria in the big entrance hall, so you can get a drink and sandwiches (I think it's got odd opening hours!).

    It will be interesting. enjoy it!

  • If you don't mind my asking Farmer D what study are they doing? it is a clinical trial for something , you didn't mention the specifics ...

  • They have,nt given any details,it seems to be about the affect of exercise on Copd.It ,s at the Muscle Unit with a physio and a doctor.I,ll try and find the link for you.D.

  • Friday 30 July 2014


    Clinical Research Facility in the Fulham Rd part of the Royal Brompton Hospital (on the corner of Dovehouse St).

    If you would like to attend or find out more about these studies you will need to get in touch with the team at the Royal Brompton, either by calling 020 7351 8029 or emailing or

    Best wishes,


  • This was the original post: Volunteers needed for a COPD research study in London

    BethanyBateman BethanyBateman 7 days ago

  • Thanks hope it goes well, keep us posted :)

  • Good luck on the 30th FarmerD and wishing you well. Hope everything is fine for you. xxx

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