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Any ideas?

My GP is concerned that my fev1 has gone down significantly in the past year. She wants to try me on Sebring breezehaler instead of spiriva. Has anyone else tried this inhaler? I believe it is new on the market.

I have looked at old posts and some people seem to be on fostair instead of serevent - any good?

Also is symbicort and advair worth trying?

Thanks for any information.


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I've been on Seebri Breezhaler for a week now, my GP wanted me to try it.

Because its so hot and humid its hard to see if it is any better than Spiriva.

The chemist rang me today to see how I am getting on with it and we have agreed that I will take it for 3 months, hopefully the weather will have cooled down by then and I can give it a good trial run.

My nurse told me she had given this new inhaler to another patient and he got on well with it, much better than Spiriva.

I hope this is helpful to you.


Did you mean seebri? Will be on my fourth month of it shortly and finding it very good. It's by far the easiest to take that I've ever been on. No side effects to report. Everyone is different so hope you find one that suits you soon.


My husband is still on Spiriva but he does take symbicort which he finds very good. It might be worth a call to the BLF helpline to ask their advise - the nurses maybe able to allay your fears. Good luck TAD xx


Hi Bevvy, i have never tried Seebri so I cannot comment on it. Just for info I have been on Symbicort for many years and very satisfied. A few years ago my Dr. added Spiriva to my daily puff's. I stayed on it for several months and I was not finding any advantage to using it. I stopped taking it and increased my Symbicort (160/4.5) to 2 puff's in the morning and 2 in the evening, from 1 puff. This greatly improved my day so I have stayed with it these last few years. Just to add a comment that I am the same as many people and take care of most things myself, I think that in general I am more aware of my condition than the Dr.. I have emphysema stage IV FEV1 19%, 2 years ago 23%. I maintain sats resting 93 / 95 exercising / working in the garden etc. 90 / 92, do not use oxygen as yet. I hope this is helpful. Dave from the LoS. Breath easy exercise often.


I've been using Seebri for maybe a year now, having moved on from Spiriva. I was very happy at the immediate improvement in my breathing - I managed to get upstairs in one go when I first started using it. One major side-effect for me was a series of horrendous headaches, but they disappeared after a while and actually were worth sticking out because of the benefits from Seebri. On the down-side, the rattle of the capsule in the inhaler scares my little kitty-cat to death!




Thank you to all those who have responded to me.


Anyone explain the advantage of Seebri to Sprivia? also symbicort to seretide? thanks.

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