Salt pipe ( Day 7 )

Good evening everyone, just a short update. Much the same as yesterday, not used my inhaler and done some more jobs in the garden. Very little mucus this morning and what there was, was very easy to expel.

I think this must be a little boring for you all now so I think I will call it a day for these updates, if anything changes I will let you know, speak soon. T

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  • Thankyou for the info though. It seems to have been really beneficial for you and something to keep in mind for future reference. D :)

  • I love your updates!!!! Juney

  • Well I for one have been glad to see your updates. I am going to start nagging my husband to start again! TADxx

  • Please don't go and forget us faithful followers. How about a weekly update.


  • Keep going, with the salt pipe. It was interesting hearing just how you are getting on. How about a weekly update ????



  • Yes as above very interesting. Weekly updates please. X

  • I am off to see my specialist soon im going to in quire about this salt pipe . while I was in hospital the nurse was telling me about the salt caves in her country and if your feeling un well you spend a couple of days there , they prefer this to anti biotics . keep on breathing

  • I've really enjoyed your posts and, with a recent unwelcome COPD diagnosis, have just ordered one for myself. Can't wait to see if it has the same beneficial effect. Thank you for sharing! Frances21

  • Not boring at all - I'm very interested and it's great to get the updates - thank you - am definitely thinking of buying one now.

  • not at all - great to read about positive outcomes - keep going - love your updates

  • It's not boring is inspiring, keep going, and keep informing us of your progress it's much appreciated.

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