Hello again

So many new people and sadly a few less since I last posted. I'm not sure if anyone will remember me, I was caring for my mum who had emphysema, and sadly died at Christmas.

I think it may be my turn to need help now. A routine health m.o.t with our practice nurse has lead to the probable diagnosis of emphysema for me. I'm having a spirometry on Tuesday, to confirm it.

My peak flow is only about 250 and I'm bringing up (or trying to) quite a bit of mucus. I'm quite breathless if I run upstairs for example, and I sort of wheeze when I breathe out quite a bit.

The nurse gave me a ventolin inhaler, but I'm not sure what happens next. When my mum was diagnosed, she was already at the very severe stage, so I can't really compare her treatment to what I should expect. What do you think???

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You not doing that bad. I am at moderate and have not ran up the stairs for years. My peak flow is at 120. Just don't panic. I saw my dad pass with emphysema, and I did panic with my diagnosis, but what a waste of energy that was. Try not to. Wait for the full results, and stay chatting on here, and you will see that life goes on.

Love Nin xx

Hi poppin, I do remember you and your poor dear mum. I am not sure what you should expect, as everyone is different, but I do hope you get all the right medication and help that you should. Stay strong and be as healthy and well as you possibly can. Good luck to you and take care. xxxxxxx

HI Poppin yes i remember you,don't panic ,thats easy for me to say you can always ring the helpline ,we are always here to help, if we can keep in touch and keep us up to date take care Dorothyxx

Hello popping of course I remember you and your mum. First thing to remember is you have been diagnosed early - good news! It means that you can slow down the progression of the disease. My husband has been diagnosed for over 12 years he is still working full time we have a great quality of life just a lot slower!!

First things first please ring the BLF helpline on Monday and ask for their leaflets - they will give you lots of information. Two things are very important if not essential - the first is to stop smoking and the second is to keep fit, as fit as you can.

There are lots of inhalers available and again it might be a good idea to ask the advise of the BLF helpline nurses. I am sure they will be able to reassure . The blue inhaler is a rescue one reliever which can be very effective.

You should expect a great life - so don't forget to enjoy it! I have found that the best course of action is to be proactive but NOT on google! - ask your doctors, nurses, us. take good care and don't worry TAD xx

Thank you for your kind replies, and also for remembering me. I kept away for a while just after mum died, as there was quite a bit of nastiness on here at the time. The last couple of months though, I have popped in to see what was going on and how people were doing.

I know I need to stop smoking as soon as possible, I keep meaning to, but have found it really difficult to get my head in the right place if you know what I mean. I miss my mum so much as she was my best friend as well as my mum. I don't think I've dealt with her death yet.

I suppose I need to get my spirometry results and go from there, I will let you know the result. Xx

Hi Poppin. I remember you and your mum. Just remember we are all different. I have very severe emphysema Stage 4. My peak flow is about 240, which is an improvement from when I was first diagnosed 3 years ago. I still go up my stairs ( 14 steps ) in one go and at normal speed and only get a bit puffed ( not short of breathe ). I put this down to keeping active. I don't have any set exercise routine but push myself sometimes just doing normal activities. Keep us informed of the results. :)

Oh Poppin, I'm sorry you still feel for your mum, but that will take time to heal. You cannot erase this memory, no.

But give thought to stop smoking. Take the big step and you will boost your morale a hundred percent! Eat well, sleep well and , like TADAW said, gear yourself to keeping fit. keeping fit gives you good thoughts and a good body.

For your stairs, here's a remedy when you are short of breath:

and here are some easy exercises for your lungs;

Take care, get going, lots of love, Mic ((hug))

Hi Poppin it is early days yet both for losing your mum and your COPD diagnosis. One day the rawness will ease and only the good memories and happy times will stay. You will miss her and feel sad at times, I still do and my mum died in 1972. Please try to stop smoking it will make such a difference. Good luck on Tuesday. I have my spiro and reassessment tomorrow. xx

Hi Poppin, your situatiknsounds much the same as mine, spirometry test was poor doctor referred me to specialist at the hospital, still waiting for appojntment. This seems about the normal way things go.

Sorry to hear about your mum ♡♡

Hi Poppin, I am so impressed ( and jealous) that you can run upstairs :)) I thought only superheros could run upstairs. My last peak flow was only 200 but I always hope the next one will be better. This must be a very difficult time for you, grieving for your mum and now having to worry about your own diagnosis. Good luck with the tests !

Hi Poppin I am sorry to hear of your possible diagnosis and the death of your mother. Mine died summer last year and we have just been through some first anniversaries which were very difficult. It should become less raw in time though you must make sure you grieve properly and come out the other side. You will always miss her but you will learn ways to deal with it in time. As for your diagnosis my peak flow is around 250 and 300 on a good day and I have just gone into moderate COPD from mild. You have had some great advice so am not going to repeat it. Take care xx

Hi Poppin

I do remember you and your dear mom. Please don't worry or panic. Until you have had all the necessary tests you don't know exactly were you are. Believe me, if you can run upstairs you may be in the early stages. Try to stay calm, worrying will only make it worse. Good luck on Tuesday, please let us know how you get on. xxxx

Thank you all,

I will let you know how I get on tomorrow. Worrying or panicking isn't going to change anything as you say. Xx

Hello Poppin, so sorry to hear of all the sadness you are suffering at the moment. This will make it hard for you to think logically and so worry so much more. Try to think that soon you will know the results and then you will be able to put in place plans for the future. Be prepared to be sent for a chest X-ray to confirm emphysema as a spirometry test cannot do this alone. However if you are running upstairs I am sure it can only be mild. The most important thing is to give up smoking. Perhaps you could ask the nurse to help you. There are so many products availableto help you. Will be thinking of you

Hi Poppin - must be a shock but try not to panic - I was first diagnosed 24 years ago and still work full time - look after grand children - have an active social life. It's frustrating at times but you will learn to live with it but not let it take over your life.

Hi. Great it's early diagnosed...you can manage it so much better and so really slow it's progress. Best to you.

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