My favourite all time joke - and it's clean!

St.Peter wanted a day off from his duty at the Pearly gates, so he asked Jesus to stand in for the day. Jesus readily agreed. A few moments later an old man arrived at the gates.

"Hello" said Jesus "Have you just arrived from earth?"

"Yes" answered the old man.

"What did you do on earth?" asked Jesus.

"I was a carpenter" said the old man.

Jesus looked at him for a moment and asked "Did you have an only son?"

"Yes I did." said the old man with amazement.

"Was he kind, gentle and loving to everyone?" asked Jesus.

"Oh yes, he was a very good person" said the old man.

Then holding his breath, Jesus asked " Did he come to have holes in his hands and feet?"

"Why yes, he certainly did" answered the old man

Jesus opened his arms to the old man and said "Welcome my Father."

The old man looked at Jesus with a puzzled look and asked " Pinocchio?"


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  • Lol :D

  • good one nannyb xxx

  • That's funny, gave me a good chuckle :)


  • :D D :) x

  • That's a good one

  • lol lovely thank you

  • Oh Nikkers, My mouth stayed open as I tried to take this one in, lol. Tears kept flooding my eyes. I've never heard this, this is really so funny! thanks!

  • Yes it got me like that too the first time I heard it! N X

  • Ha ha theres no strings on you Nikkers !!

  • No point in having any Plumbob, I don't have anyone to pull them! lol

  • Very good

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