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Update on Hired Portable Concentrator

Some of you may remember I had arranged to hire a Portable Oxygen Concentrator for our two week holiday. It was an Eclipse from Pure O2.

This was arranged because my Oxygen provider didn't have a concentrator that could give me 5litres (Ambulatory).

The actual Concentrator was totally fine and did the job it was supposed to - BUT - I found it extremely heavy to either pull or push. It was like a large weekend case on wheels. The handle of the trolley is sat on would not stay at the height level I would have preferred (I am only 4'11" so didn't want a long handle).

Although two batteries were supplied, they could only be charged when fitted into the concentrator. A previous one I had from my supplier when I was on a lower Oxygen rate had batteries that were charged on their own. A much better system.

I have decided not to hire this again, and as we no longer go abroad for holidays, I will just arrange delivery of Liquid Oxygen to the place we stay at in Ireland.

I had tried to send a message earlier by replying to another post but it doesn't appear to have shown. Thought I would try it this way.

I still do not like this new site!


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Forgot to say. This concentrator is supposed to be able to be used on planes. I certainly wouldn't like to try it.


Thanks for that Therese - it really is useful to read about the various oxygen options. I know there is plenty of info online but nothing beats a patients own 'test drive' and report of the experience! Like you I shall probably opt for the liquid 02 plus home concentrator combo if I am away for more than a day or two. I don't think I will be going abroad anymore either. I enjoy the UK and I don't want the hassle of airports etc. Once again, thanks for the info :) Vanessa.


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