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Feeling pretty bad and went to Dr twice in two weeks. She told me I don't look like I have emphysema and if I did I wouldn't be able to get upstairs to her room without needing to sit down half way. She did listen to my chest and said clear. She grudgingly gave me antibiotics when I said phlegm dark green. I did all the test and CAT scans 3 years ago and was diagnosed. I asked her to refer me to another hospital last week and she said NO. I was discharged by consultant 2 years ago and told to tell Dr when I needed to go back , he gave me 2 inhalers and 1 reliever and a Phylocontin 2x day.

This morning I have a crackly chest but I am bringing up phlegm easily.

This Dr saw me on her first day two weeks ago and has made me feel like I am imagining having this awful thing.

I went to see the respiratory nurse 3 weeks ago on her first day and she said you don't look like you have it but couldn't find anything in the room so could only get me to blow in that thing. I blew 225 no idea what that means 6 months ago she said it 285. Can anyone explain.

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  • Bumpybee sorry to hear you are suffering. We know are own bodies best. Makes me mad when people say to me you don't look ill. As for having to stop halfway up the stairs I make it to the top without stopping but have to do a few purse lips then. I'm severe. We are all different in the way it affects us. Take carexx

  • Thanks she made me feel like a fraud x

  • " She told me I don't look like I have emphysema ". How are we supposed to " look " ??. Stupid person is in the wrong job. Change your doctor. I had to. Mine was useless as well. The one I have now is excellent. I have very severe Stage 4 emphysema and I can go upstairs ( 14 steps ) and I only get a bit puffed sometimes. As Suzy6 says, we are all different.

  • I was stage 2 a couple of years ago but seem to have got or feel worse in the last few months. A change of Dr probably is what I need but I have lots of other problems including a few sleep disorders and had to fight to keep sleeping tablets that I have been on for 30 years. I don't think another surgery would prescribe them. I had to get a leading pharmacologist to take ownership for giving them to me and he has just retired. Also I still have to work (3 days a week) as I won't get the old are pension for 4 years. Which is why I need to take them. Thanks for replying and keep well

  • i agree with puff on changing yer doctor,hope this video helps,x

  • They was really worth watching. Just what I needed thanks. Bumpybee

  • Bumpybee, This peakflow meter is prescribed by the GP or the Consultant. this would show the strength of your lungs along the weeks. A doctor may draw the chart to see if there is any progress or deterioration. It's a useful device.

  • That is awful when you know your own body best. My advise would be to change your doctor, perhaps a call to the helpline on Monday morning would give you some help. Take care TAD xx

  • I need to sort myself out. I have been fooling myself that I can go on as normal. Also the doctor said that at 60 everyone's lungs deteriorate so it was normal ,!

  • Bumpybee, I don't like this doctor's talk that at X year old we deteriorate (implying that there's nothing we can do to improve things) this is wrong. yes, we do lose our functions, but we can and must maintain them as much as possible. Take charge, rather than let the doctor influence you. Change your doctor so you can work with him or her, and (s)he and give you advice. have yourself referred to the pulmonary nurse. The P.N. is a brilliant woman, has a ground to earth experience of patients' problems, like anxiety over an illness, or drugs to be used. She can refer you to a phsyiotherapist and recommend if you need a breathing device for testing or for evacuating phlegm. Healing is dynamic!

  • That's a dreadful story. How very dare she tell you you haven't got emphysema when you've been diagnosed via a CT scan. She needs complaining about ASAP. GPs are accountable and this one could have had you ending up in hospital.

    You must change your doctor as soon as possible which is your right.

    There is some thing called self referral. I don't know what it means or how you do it, perhaps someone else will.

    Twiceshy is right with her peak flow video. Yours is obviously low.

    I hope the cow gave you a decent antibiotic. Why on earth didn't she read your notes? oooo, I'd like to punch her light out. (The heat is getting to me)!

    Take care & make sure you see another doc if you're not better by the end of the antibs

  • I like your change of photo, peeg. This is a dearie little (or not so little) one!Woof!

  • Yes he is a big deari really. About time I updated his photo. When I rescued him as a 7 month old I was in denial that he might grow in to a large one. His feet were enormous! I keep him slim & shiny coated though (a bit like me, haha)!

  • If you saw a consultant a couple of years ago perhaps you could ring his/her secretary, explain the situation and ask to make an appointment. Keep smiling.

    Carole x

  • If you have a chest infection, you shouldn't be blowing int any machine or device until you have ben clear of infection for at least six weeks.

  • Hi Bumpybee.

    Yes, definitely CHANGE YOUR DOCTOR!!!! The one you saw shouldn't be in that job. You cannot tell if someone has emphysema by just "looking" at them. She should have sent you for scans etc., Remember - she's a public servant, not someone to obey? If you consistently find dissatisfaction at a shop, you go to another shop! DO IT NOW - it could save your life. Don't take any rubbish anymore from this woman.

  • I think you were treated very badly, you know your own body, i have a good caring doctor, and most of the others are as well, i am given all medication for my condition in stock, i took a breathing test this morning and it read 250 which is low, not only i can get breathless going upstairs, and also on my stairlift, so it speaks for it self, change your doctor, even if it means going to another surgery.

    love jan

  • I get so mad at things like this!! That doctor is paid handsomely to look after your health - sick or well they get cash for everyone on their books, so take your custom elsewhere! I tried to explain that I felt the virus infection I had recently had even affected my waterworks - she interrupted me to say she has patients of 40 who are incontinent. Now, I'm sorry for them but I was there about me not them. and I doubt I've been there four times in as many years. One more chance and I'm off to a new doctor.

  • get a complaint form from your surgery fill it in ASAP. "Tell" your doctor you insist on more tests and better treatment.she shouldnt be in the job if she is incapable of treating patients.she sounds like a right prat and needs reporting.

  • Thanks to everyone for these replies. I think a change of dr is called for but I may try to talk to consultants secretary. Good suggestions thanks x

  • Bumpybee, I hope you are feeling a little better now? I agree with others about finding a supportive GP, and advise, I don't think anyone else has done so, phone the BLF helpline. It does help to have a self management plan and have rescue medication handy too. Let us know how you get on. X

  • Hi Pollyp I phoned my surgery to see who my respiratory nurse is but she is away for sometime. She then said you sound breathless I will book you into see the doctor. I explained and said no thanks but she got me another. He said that it was stupid to tell me that and prescribed steroids. Feeling better already. I will look into BLF. Self plan. Thanks x

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