Rain !

Well its 3:14 am woke up needing neb now breathing easier its thundering and lighteniing and pouring down ! I love listening to the weather outsidé its somehow guite relaxing ! At least bill wonf have to water my pots in morning . Hubby snoring away dog huffing and puffing and panting ...what an exciting life we lead !!! It doesnt seem that long ago i,d.be coming in at this time of the night....shoes in hand and giggeling trying not to wake my collagemates up ...my how time fly,s by well think i watch bit of telly and go back to. Sleep. .night all. Hope you are all as well as can be. Sue. Xx

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  • I love the rain too Sue and I love it when the sky goes black and you have to put the lamp on during the daytime. It feels very cosy.....that's my cue to put Nat King Cole on....always completes the feeling for me.

    Have a lovely breatheasy day. :-D xx

  • Hi sue48 at least the air has finally cleared. I also love storms even though they're scary. Well have a lovely day with hubs. X

  • Must have been more wiped by the heat than I thought. I slept through it all! That and the fact I am like one of those dolls, lay me down and I close my eyes and sleep. Sit me up and I need a wee! Hope you managed to get some rest, and are ready to face the weekend. D :) x

  • hope you got some rest Sue. I do know what you mean about that time of night - I love it and remember well when I was nursing my kids that the feed at that time was my favourite - so peaceful and calm xx

  • Its lovely here in the east....we have had some rain during the night.

    Now there's a gorgeous cool breeze wafting in through the French doors and just a hint of sunshine. If only it would stay like this !!!!


  • Isn't it lovely Sue fresh wonderful glorious air. Me all doors and windows open even though it is chucking it down. I hope this is the clearing downpour. I don't believe rain before 7 clear before 11 anymore.xx

  • Sounds as though we were awake at same time:-) i live next door yo my mum who has severe copd so i always pop in and out sometimes even in the night but knowing how scared she is of the thunder i checked on her couple of times last night and strangely enough she slept through it like a baby:-) so did my daughter and dog just me awake worrying about everyone else. Lets hope for a quieter night tonight!! Take care xx

  • Well seems like its been raining everywhere. ! Its rsined here in Staffordshirenearly all day. When its stopped hubby gone out with dog and before he got to end of road its started again. !! In fact its just started thundering again. ..sound like weather woman dont i !! I hope a lot of you are feeling not so breathless ...even dog puffing and panting. Sue xx

  • I was in bed last night dozing when suddenly I saw a huge flash of light then a micro second later thunder. It was so loud it made me jump and pull the covers over my head :) x

  • coughalot, I know that sudden fright and the need to take cover! I still peek after it's gone. The lightning is awesome the bang is shaking the bones! I'm glad I am on the ground floor. It gives me a false sense of security!

  • sue48, I had to laugh at "my shoes in my hand". Gosh, I haven't done this for years. When i did this going back home, however tiny the sound I made, my mum would ask:" Is that that you?" Couldn't be anybody else, really!

    I wanted to be in bed before the thunder struck. I am in awe of lightning, especially as a few years ago, one fell onto the TV areal next door. Wham! Our lights flickered! Fortunately the TN and computer were alright. Since then, I turn the plug off when thunder is announced.

    Yes, it came, but much later in the night. I count the time between the lightning and the thunder, it gives an approximate idea if it's far our near and if it's getting nearer or not. Still slept well!

    I used to wake up and had to have a hot chocolate, a sort of comfort drink. I only keep a bottle of naturally fizzy Caledonian water by the bed in case of thirsty emergency now! Early light wakes me, so I try to wear one of these travel eye mask - it makes my nose itch!

    Sleep tight!

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