Which puffer works best with least side effects for 90 yr old with moderate COPD ?

Can someone please help! My Mother is 91 in sept. Pulmonary Dr. said she has moderate COPD. Has given her an discus called BREO, and another one is ADVAIR 250/50... Then a rescure inhailer called Xopenex HFA.. Since Mom hasen't been in a hospital since she had me 63 yrs ago, she is doing better than I am! And I am glad too! But I am so confused when I read different side effects on all of the stuff, I fell it is time to turn to you all, who may have suggestions, or experiences with some of it... My Dr. just gave me Spiriva and I am scared to use it after I read all that stuff~ I know I sound like a whimp, but when it comes to my wonderful Mother, whom medicine is a new experience it is scarry. She has only had Hypertenton since 1980, and takes a tenormen tab. once in the am, and a small tab of hydralizene in the pm.. The latest thing happening is she has night sweats and is just soaked in the am, as well as her pillow~ No one seems to know what is wrong, and has had labs, come back okay 3 weeks ago, but last 2 weeks, she is sweating like crazy. Thanks to anyone who has any thoughts or ideas or experiences on this mess... Not crazy, just worried about me mum!!!! Thanks ,Candice

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  • Breo helps stop COPD from getting worst. Advair is a 24hr. healer to curb the side effects of gasping for air. Xopenex is a hand held device like Advair but it is for sudden attacks. You need all three as they work somewhat like a team on keeping COPD at bay. Best wishes for your mom for being 90 years young and may she continue to have many more years of easy breathing. God bless both of you.

  • Oh, thank you for you kind wishes and yes I can see what you mean about all of them have special uses.. Make sense to me, know that a few are needed and do different things. Thanks for your time! and for the good wishes for my mum, and you are so correct~ she is 90 years young and I tell her she better live to 120 at least! Blessing for you, and yours, most sincerely, Candice xo

  • i dont have a answer. ive only had copd for 3mos i think dr. hasnt said to much. i just wanted to god bless your mom! and your a very special daughter for taking care of her. god bless you both

  • Thank you so much! My Mom just loved seeing your post :)) I told her to come in and look at a reply I got about her~ She said: That makes me feel better than any medicine any Dr. could give me! She wanted to thank you, and send you special blessings from her to you! Thank you again, amazing what a reply can do.. I think you are probably an amazing person!

    Much love from us both!!!!!

  • thank you !! take care of mom she is special! you take of yourself also because your mom needs you and because you need each other!!

  • Hi Candice,

    Good to hear from you. Your mom sounds like an angel :)

    I am on ADVAIR - take it twice a day in the am and the pm - works great!! It depends on whatever the doc ordered - it can be once a day or twice. Also I am on SPRIVA - once a day - in the am - I also have another inhaler called VENTOLIN - used as needed. I have been on those three inhalers for at least 10 years and I am just fine. I have a RESPIROLOGIST who prescribed them and i see her once a year - been doing fine.

    Your mom will be fine - just stay with her when she takes the meds and make SURE she is doing it the right way as there is a wrong way and she will be good.

    All the best to you and to your mom - Blondola1 from Canada!!!

  • Good Morning - It is all very confusing! My husband (66yrs) suffers with severe COPD and he does uses Spiriva once a day and has done for over four years. He is extremely sensitive to drug changes but seems to tolerate it very well. He also uses an inhaler called symbicort twice a day which a reliever and preventer in once and a blue ventolin reliever in case he gets very breathless.

    It might be a good idea to ring the BLF helpline and talk to the nurses - they maybe able to give you advise. The best of luck and my very best wishes to your Mum TAD xxx

  • Yes it is confusing and I thank you for this reply! If your husband has used it this long, and he is also sensitive to meds. it sounds safe for the both of us to use with out fear. I hope it works as well for Mum. Bless you and you wonderful husband! And thanks for taking the time to answer. xo, candice

  • ive been on spriva 13 years im convinced it keeps me going

  • That is good to hear, as the dr. gave me spiriva and I was scard to use it until I got some real peoples experiance with it.. Thanks so much for your reply, you all are great! xo candice

  • I have moderate COPD and am on spiriva and symbicort and couldn't manage without them. x

  • Thank you as these are all new meds. and it just makes me feel better about giving her one after hearing from people who actually use it. Feel much better will all of you people input than any dr.s being Mom is the age she is, you can tell they think she should move on, and you know what i mean.. World can be cruel to the aged, thank heavens for all of you. xo Xcandice

  • I don't know about the drugs, but I did have night sweat, horribly soaked all over and bedding too. I had to change my pyjamas twice a night and wash myself! No fun!

    I took some sage ( tea; and tincture 15 drops twice a day). I bought a liquid made of aluminium chloride, called Odaban. Every night, I sprayed a bit on a piece of cotton wool -pads are easier) and spread it over my neck, shoulders, torso, back. It takes a few days to start acting. You put this every night, then wash in the morning. It might take a few weeks before you starts clearing of these night sweats. But eventually, you will be able to use it only once a week. do persist with this because it takes a bit of time.

    I also had pyjamas ready, so I could dry myself and change.

    I asked the doctor if I had TB. He said it was a possibility!!! Fortunately, the sweating subsided, and tests proved I had no TB, what a relief. I hope your mum finds some relief with this very unpleasant condition.

  • Oh, thank you! Never heard o that but will get some and start it out~ As that sweating must be a horrible feeling every single night.. I won't give up, I will start it asap..thank you again so much for replying, as Mum is my life and want everything that may help her feel well. Blessings to you,and so glad your sweats stopped! candice

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