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What's wrong with this new site,I hit recent posts option and the latest is seven hours ago,as it's 10.30am I don't think this is the latest post,old site always showed posts from minutes and seconds ago,not keen on this new layout much preferred old one.Every time you get used to using a new site,it's not that long ago it was changed,somebody decides to upgrade it,not always for the better.Laisez Faire,I think that how it's spelt. Have a good one,in St ives at the moment but it is cloudy and overcast,but would love to live down here,Birmingham doesn't quite have the same appeal.I suppose somebody has to live there.Sooki.

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  • Hi Sooki, posts are when someone raises (posts) a question or statement. Then people can reply to the post. So the last post prior to your current one (this one) seems to be indeed 7 hours ago. If you want to see the recent reply activity go to you avatar on the green HU bar at the top, click on your name and a pull down menu comes up. Then tap "News feed". Hope this helps. Cheersxx

  • Just done that but trouble is it picks up all the latest posts from every site you are on instead of just for BLF. Couldn't be bothered to wade through them all to find the BLF ones! x

  • Hi

    Jenss is correct. As coughalot says if you are signed up for many sites, then the latest activity can be from any where.

    A suggestion as been made for some kind of filter. I added my name.

    We will have to wait and see if it is applied.

    Any suggestion can be added using the green light bulb bottom right of page

  • Hi Stone, the last activity from all the communities one is a member of came also up in one list in the old version. But i) it was a lot easier to quickly discern which forum (peripheral vision) they belonged to as the forum symbols were as on the right and not imbedded into the person's avatar, and ii) now with the extensive wide spaces the scrolling through the long list of activities takes a lot longer. Cheers, xx

  • Computer geeks work on the simple rule that if something is working well it doesn't have enough features.

  • So true. They work on the remit of more is less? but is that to keep them in work ;)

    I used to sell IT and I asked for a time frame to set up 20 pc's with the latest OS at the time? They came back with 60 hours work! When I challenged them that they could do all of them at more or less the same time it would only mean clicking the next button one after the other? it was done in 6 hours :)

  • The only soutin I can find is, click on the three little bars to have the drop down menu. On it click on "browse communities" and type British Lung Foundation, that community and its latest posts come up. It's a bit convoluted, I agree!

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