Help Sputum result very confusing

For the past 4 weeks my mucus has doubled and become much harder to remove so I took a sputum sample to GP s , as I suspected infection as my breathing got worse too, GP rang me today and said how do you feel I said not well at all he said your sputum results have multiple bugs but non specific eg pneumonia , so pop to surgery and we will asses the situation multiple bugs !!! what is that all about, I have been sufffering with excessive mucus for a couple of years but the past couple of months it is horrendous, I take carb 2 x375mg 3 times daily x thanks

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  • Hi Carol I am sure your GP will give powerful ABs for your present problem but I think you should insist on seeing a consultant and having cat scan.(Xrays do not always give answers. Maybe also ring nurse on BLF phone line. I hope you soon feel better. KJJ

  • Hi Katie, Yes I actually have an appointment with my consultant at begining of august, thanks for your advice, take care xx Carol

  • It is quite common to have multiple bugs in sputum- you don't say when you last had anti-biotics but I suspect your doctor may want you to take a broad spectum anti-biotic to get rid of the 'surface' bugs until they find the tough ones underneath. At least that is what happened to me. Or, he/he may want to put you on a long term therapy like Azithromycin. I took it for six months and it made a big difference to my health.

  • Hi Loobyloo,

    Thanks for your response, I am intending to ask him for the Azithromycin this afternoon, I think like you ive got to get rid of all the bugs that is why I am making so much mucus, I just hope he will give it me, fingers crossed, take care luv Carol

  • Hi Carol- hope your doctor sorts it out. Another thing I didn't mention was dairy products- I've been eating more yoghurt and goat's cheese this week (I limit the amount of cow's cheese and other things) and I have noticed my cough is worse. Doctors have always laughed when I tell them the connection between eating dairy products and my cough but over the years I know it is true. I don' t think I can be on my own on this on.

  • Hi Loobyloo, a lot of people on this site mention not eating dairy products or eggs as it makes more mucus, sad because they are my fav foods, so I don't eat them much now but to be fair the mucus doesnt lessen much, my doc has put me on azithromycin now so we will see how I go from here by getting rid of as many bugs as possible, thanks for replying take care luv Carol x

  • Good to hear Carol, the azithromycin seems to have helped others. I very much hope it will help you feel better. Let us know how it goes? Take carexx

  • Well good for you taking a sputum sample - at least now you know what is causing you to feel ill and what is causing the excessive mucous. Wishing you a speedy recovery. TAD xx

  • Hi TADWAW, Thanks I just need them to be gone for a few months respite, thanks for your good wishes , regards Carol

  • I had pneumonia too, Carol, and I had other bugs too! Pneumonia isn't nice but is treated efficiently with antibiotics. I'm sure that's what your doctor will prescribe. Take it easy while the infection goes on. Drink plenty, rest a lot, and don't forget to eat! (It's easy to let the food go when you feel ill. But protein are necessary to fight the bugs. Try to diminish sugar; I'm told that bugs love sugar, especially pseudomonas) Wash your vegetables. You could take some vitamins (C especially, but others will help too). They say that magnesium helps in infection ( I don't know, but worth a try). I wish you to get better very soon.

  • Hi Hellingmic,

    Thanks for your advice and I will try to avoid sugar, its strage but i have never had a sweet tooth, but for the past 3 months I am forever craving sweet things, do you thing Im feeding the bugs lol take care xx


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