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Volunteers needed for a COPD research study in London

Hi all,

I thought I would let you all know about a study that the Royal Brompton Hospital in London is working on with the British Lung Foundation.

We want to understand the best way to measure physical activity in people with COPD using monitors and questionnaires and how this changes in response to treatment.

The team also wants to look into the effect of short periods of inactivity in people in COPD, and find out if medications can improve the effect of pulmonary rehabilitation.

They are keen to recruit people from the local area and will be running a research information session where you can find out more. It is being held at:

Friday 30 July 2014


Clinical Research Facility in the Fulham Rd part of the Royal Brompton Hospital (on the corner of Dovehouse St).

If you would like to attend or find out more about these studies you will need to get in touch with the team at the Royal Brompton, either by calling 020 7351 8029 or emailing or

Best wishes,


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A know am not in london Even Tho Usaly Am Spaced Out .. but hay such great post had to comment .

As you may know i have done various post in this very subject or as near as.

Due to limitations of my condition i thought a was doing ok.

It was quite a shock to find male inpotance and lack of excersice tolarance and my lung condition had taken in toll.

A thought moderate exersice walking was the key BUT after 2 mins of excersion i was like a fish out of water.

As you can imagian that is defo one thing i did not want to lose.

Curantly i lay up with old spinal injury that as flared up after doing modarate waights and arm out squats

shocking really as i was just getting my adomanol muscials back to name a few.

Now every time i cough try to get up me spine suffers a spaz attack .. and gravity forces me back down in chair .. A don't even think zero gravity would help

Anyway yup yep great post :)

And would just like to say yep i never thought a would be doing arm out straight squats .. also never thought i would have lung disease.

At first i managed 1 squat even then a feel to side after :P

But its all fun now am up to 20 befoure a get breathless befour it was one .. so must be somthing init


Thanks for your reply Daz, although I'm very sorry to hear that your other health problems are stopping you from doing something that would help your chest so much. And indeed, that they're stopping you from doing so many things by the sounds of it. That seems so unfair. Thank you for sharing your story.


Back pain....acupuncture is wonderful


I would like to help if I can, but unless I am mistaken July 30th is a Wednesday, cac you clarify the date please Bethany?

Many thanks Sohara


Hi Sohara,

That's right, it is a Wednesday. If you're interested then it may still be worth giving them a call though. The 30th may just be an opportunity to find out more rather than the date of the trial itself.

Best wishes,



Great ide, shame it cannot be done in a number of hospitals across the UK. Not sure if I would qualify as I am RLD?

Be Well


They do specifically ask for COPD so if you haven't had that diagnosis then you may not be able to take part this time. There are always lots of studies going on around the country though, so you may find something else that you would qualify for.


I am nowhere near London! Just seems a shame they all seem to be there. x


I'm unable to get to London but would like to join in the study from a local hospital I will email them


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