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Copd assessment

X-ray has shown I may have Copd (the nurse informed me via telephone)

I have had to wait 6 weeks for assessment due to chest infection i had.

I am now due to go on Monday.

What will the test involve and should I be asking any specific questions.

I do get breathless at times.

I am a x smoker only been stopped for 18 months.

Looking for advice as i'm a newby

thanks x

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Hi chris0505 1st off don't panic and don't google your condition lots of crap info,if you need info you can ring the BLF line and talk to qualified nurses.If you haven't already you will probs have a spirometry test at docs, this involves blowing into a device which will help determine what stage your copd is at and what meds you might need,take care and good luck at docs.


Hi, it depends if you're having tests at the GP or chest clinic at you hospital.

The hospital ones are better & more thorough. I also had blood test for aspergillosis & skin prick allergy tests at the hospital. Useful to know I'm allergic to mould, I don't have aspergillosis though, phew!

COPD is an umbrella term for emphysema, chronic bronchitis & severe asthma.

It will be useful to find out exactly what you have got. There are several other things causing lung problems but all are welcome here. BLF is for ALL lung issues.

I wish you well, kind regards, Peeg

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Don't worry it will not strenuous or scary. My husbands test - a spirometry test - involved sitting at the desk in the doctors office to blow into a device. He was asked to take a deep breath in and blow out for as long as he could. The machine measure the amount of air you breath out, at what rate etc. The readings indicate the lung disease etc. In my husbands case he was given a diagnosis of COPD (which I know is supposed to be an umbrella term). In my personal opinion and for us - these readings are only of use when he is ill! We try not to think about them too much - they are just numbers but the medics can determine your care plan and what medications you should be on.

If you have anymore questions when you have had the assessment just ask on here. There are lots of lovely people who have a vast knowledge. Take care and don't worry. TAD xx


Only thing I will add why measuring the volume and rate of inhale/exhale they will repeat some of the test after you breath in some steroids thru a nebulizer this will show what improvement they can give you. You will also be on meds to stop COPD from getting worst. If you follow the doctor's instructions and take your meds you will be okay. You may also want to have a sleep study done to see if you have any sleep apnea.


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