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" Oooor!!! "

" Oooor!!! "

I got a Nin in my kitchen

Don't know what to do ?

I got a Nin in my Kitchen

Don't know what to do?

Says she going

To make me a stew ?

Got a Nin in my Kitchen

Does she know what to do?

I'm so used to cooking

I don't know what to do

She's not done this before for me

This is something new

Will it be good

or will it be Euuwwww!!!

I'll let you all know

In an hour or two

But when she reads this

I'm dead for sure

Stew or no Stew

I'll not need the cure

I got a Nin in my kitchen

who now says she ain't got a clue

I got a Nin in my kitchen

Come on folks " What!! the heck am I gonna Dooooo!!!! "

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Well if you don't want her, send her round to me cos a nin in the kitchen sounds like a fun thing to have. Love you both D :) x

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Thank you Dozy :) I think he's got a bit of a blimmin cheek really ! It's not like I have never been in the kitchen for him, I once made him spaghetti on toast, and even grated cheese on it and I gave him sliced tomato as a garnish. What more does a chef need :D lol

My stew is cooked. I'm sure you'll be told how I did later, just a bit warm in the day to eat it yet. Az has kitchen withdrawal now, due to me keeping him out whilst I cooked, so he is now making a Victoria sponge. I'll let you know how he does :) heehee



We had lamb and mint sauce stew yesterday. All I need is the sponge but I don't do cakes. Send us a slice please. D :) x


Lamb stew with mint sauce sounds great. Okay, no problems with the sponge, slice in the post a bit later, still warm at the mo, hate to think what carrier pigeon would do with warm victoria sponge. LOL :D :)

Love Nin Xxx


Stew tastes really nice, full marks to Nin, knew she could do it.

Now just hope the sponge I'm trying to make comes out just as good, I' m no baker, one look at a cake and it falls flat.


I bet the stew was lovely. Polished off with Victoria sponge lovely (with or without Cream ). Does the strawberry jam in it count as one of your five a day lol



Having a nin in your kitchen has got to be far better than having a rat in your kitchen! :d x

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