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Possible pneumonia, advice anyone please

Hi everyone,

5 months ago or so I left my window open over night and woke up early in the morning with sharp stabbing pains in my chest, causing breathlessness, shallow breathing and tightness. The room was extremely cold and therefore made the link. I saw my GP who told me it was related to my asthma.

The symptoms persisted, I was feeling flu symptoms, fatigued, and trouble with breathing, while my chest felt full with some on/off pains. Since then these symptoms have persisted, I've seen 5 different doctors, had 10 appointments and been into A and E. Most times told it was associated with my asthma or breathing with my shoulders rather than with my diaphragm. A and E put me on a nebuliser and gave me a weeks course of antibiotics as well as a weeks course of steroids. They helped a lot, but the symptoms have persisted and subsequent blood tests have not shown anything. Does anyone have any advice or have experienced something similar?

Thanks :-)

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Peterkin33, oh sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I feel if you did have an infection then after all these months it would be showing in your blood tests. Have you tried gentle exercise? It is very helpful for tight shoulders and tension. And relaxation can be a big help as well. Some areas have Respiratory Exercise Instructors and then there is always a Pulmonary Rehabiliation course you can ask your GP to refer you for this, or request an exercise referral.

Exercise can make so much difference and singing can do too! Hope you are soon feeling better :-)

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Thanks PollyP for the advice. Like you say blood tests would show otherwise if it was. On another course of steroids so hopefully will clear. The Pulmonary Rehab course sounds interesting, I'll ask my GP about it next time I see them.


A good massage with some base oil (almond for instance) with some tea tree oil drops on your shoulders and chest. keep warm at night - not too difficult these days.

choice of exercises:

(I too have painful shoulders for sitting at the internet! But it takes a few moment that are vital) Help your body support you, keep it fit!

Hope those pains go soon (Ibuprofen as Fenbid Gel is a good gel for pain, but it takes a few days for it to act)


Hi PollyP I was interested in what you said about singing being a help. I saw that mentioned some time ago by someone else on this forum. I am definitely not a singer and never have been, but I noticed that since having COPD and bronchiectasis, I can hardly get a note out at all, never mind breathe. How do I get into singing? I would never be any use in a 'Choir', I know that for sure, but when I sing at home I have to stop as I can't breathe and lose my voice after a few words. If it helps with my breathing, I definitely want to know how to do it though, so, your kind advice would be much appreciated. Stillmovin1


Stillmovin1, Hi, so good to hear from you and brilliant that you are interested in singing, tralala eh?

Some areas have a general singing for health groups and some areas have community choirs, which by the way are meant exactly for folk like you and I ! Everyone can sing and it is simply that some people are a little more in tune than others-and it is all singing eh?

So if nothing else, pop your favourite songs on and has gotta be good for you. If you Google music and COPD you will see that some clever people have worked out that it is good for us!

Good Luck :-)


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