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Weekend Wit - Load of hot air really !! Enjoy and stay safe

Baby Balloon was frightened of staying in his own little room, but Daddy Balloon said, listen Baby Balloon you are getting a big balloon now, and big balloons have their own beds

Baby Balloon conceded, and wanting to be a big balloon, went to sleep in his own bed. Mammy and Daddy Balloon were over the moon to get their bed back to themselves

During the night Baby Balloon became frightened and floated into mammy and daddies bedroom, and slid in between them where he used to sleep before.

Feeling a bit squashed he gently and quietly let a bit of air out of Mammy Balloon to give him more space. Still snug between his parents he turned and let a little air out of Daddy Balloon. But Baby Balloon was still a bit squeezed between Mammy and Daddy Balloon, so in desperation and not wanting to disturb them he let a bit of air out of himself then fell to sleep in the security of his parents.

In the morning Daddy Balloon awoke and was shocked to see Baby Balloon between him and his wife. He woke Baby Balloon up and said to him in and angry voice.....

‘Baby Balloon I am disappointed with you’.....

‘You have not only let me down’,.....

‘You have let your Mother down’......

‘ and worst of all You Have Let Yourself Down’

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I did laugh out loud ! :)


ha ha, very good,


Ha Ha funny and cute


Ha hA:)


Love it, really made me laugh. Take care, Lizzy.


spanial brilliant


How sweet, an ingenious remark!!!


THank you that really made me laugh x


Hehe :)


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