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I'm playing Tennis next Friday :)

I'm playing Tennis next Friday   :)

I have 3 friends who all have played tennis in the past who want to make a return to the courts again. Like me they all have health problems and their mobility is somewhat restricted.

After careful consideration we have decided to make an attempt at the longest ever set of tennis ever played and then go to the pub afterwards to down a few much needed liquid pain killers.

I reckon we'll have at least one good shot each to brag about, I'll be trying to hit 1topspin forehand winner down the line which was my Trademark before falling ill but I get the feeling there may be a few underarm serves on display. Ha Ha

Oh yeh' If anyone fancy's being ball boy or girl and you know how to operate a defibrillator you may come in handy. :)

Tony. 'Its going to be emosional' healthunlockeders Ha Ha .

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Also a camera person, please!

Have a fantastic time ;)

Jude x


Well done another tick on your list of achievements. Me I'm actually going swimming Tuesday. Post photos please.


Well done tony - inspiration :)


Whew! I'm puffing and exhausted just thinking about it! Have a good game.


Ace, enjoy




How brilliant is that! Have a great time at tennis with your mates on Friday.

Think table tennis would be nearer the mark for me - on a good day at that :D

Have fun ~ Lovelight x


Good for you, absolutely brilliant. Get yourself a Ninetendo wii then you could practice at home, I picked one up for £32 it had everything.

Keep up the good work.

Kim xxx


As always inspiring!! Xx


All the best enjoy/


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