So full of 'cold'!!

Have taken some garlic and phoned drs cos l don't have any standby medications, they said to phone back at 4pm, last time l was at drs l did'nt even get time to ask for them, said she had others waiting!!!! feel pretty awful and now will have to go and catch bus to go pick them up 'IF' they decide l should have them that is!!!fed up up up up up or should it be down down down!!!

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  • You should have rescue meds. Totally don't understand GP s that won't give them. I have steroids and antibiotics to keep at home. When I have to use them I tell my GP at next appointment and she just gives me a new prescription.

  • Late reply but I hope you got your meds. Xx

  • Thankyou creakyknead, l did get them but having to go and pick them up did not make me feel any better,just wanted to sleep. And then hubby wants me to sort out something on internet for him, he does have health issues himself but just got downright fed up all over again when a code l was putting in just was'nt accepted!!!, just one of those days l guess!

  • Agree with Bevvy, this is usual practice to have them to hand. Good luck

  • Hope you are feeling much better today xxx

  • The Drs I went to since birth would not give rescue meds so I changed my GP because I was stuck at home hubby was working away got the flu couldn't get to my surgery and they would not give me the meds without seeing a Dr and the nearest appointment was 3 weeks you need to change your Dr.

  • Hi onamission. My consultant has left me with a repeat prescription. But sometimes, the bug that seizes me is different. I then feel so terrible that I just have to call for an ambulance.

    I phoned my GP once to say I felt terrible, could she refer me to the hospital. She replied I should phone 999, that was better. The last time I called an ambulance, one of the paramedics didn't want to take me. He had phone a doctor on 111 who said I should just take my nebuliser if I feel short of breath. I had a fever and was ill They said they would send another paramedic in 4 hours time. The other paramedic saw me in bed and called for an ambulance to take me swiftly to hospital! I had pneumonia and pseudomonas and needed more than a nebuliser! In fact, I had an IV antibiotics, I caught C-Difficile and was ill for a month!

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