Antibiotic Resistant Infections Sepsis Cancers and Shock

Antibiotic Resistant Infections Sepsis Cancers and Shock

Yep it was quite a surprise to read about UV light in treatmeantof acute infection's sepsis cancers emphyema emphysema chronic lung sepsis or as its now know bronchitiasas.

Yep a seen it so thought given how important antibiitics and new dangers of antibiotic resistance is to us lung suffers .. anything that can help or rase awareness of all treatments avalable ... a best share it with fellow suffers.

Have a read and its quite amazing and yet little is known

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  • Interesting stuff - thank you.

  • Hi yer is very intresting a wonder if those who doctors have said cant do anymore for got that option

    be intrested to know .. Anyway i friend who is sepsis surviver and she very good at writing to cdc and likes of eu

    So a think al ask her to ask ilks of them .. yer set up her own surport group in canada usa .. as quite a reputation as no nonsense gal :)

  • Sounds much better than taking antibiotics with their side effects!

  • Makes you think if it had been side lined .. as there is not as much profet for multi nationals.

    Must be something init as seen uv lights used in operating rooms

  • Sounds good. My husbands exact comment on telling him about it! Should start a campaign to get it more recognised.

  • Cheers defo agree with u there .. yep anyway av pm my mate and think she will follow it up.

  • Hi yer antibiitics resistance is set to be real problem .. and a dont want know doc saying to me thay have done all thay can .. when clearly the not

  • About breathing exercise, they say that you cannot tell wheter there is any value in it or not. I'm glad to contradict them. I find great value in them. Breathing exercises and other exercises at the gym, helped me in stopping my need for oxygen bottles and an oxygen concentrator, this after a two moths period. I am free of these and happy to be! OK, it might only be me! But breathing exercises I shall continue, especially the 8 pieces of brocade, that's the explanation.

    that's a demonstration.

    As you know, I was terribly ill in March. As soon as I got out of hospital, I started the exercises every morning.

    I went to see my lung specialist two weeks ago now. he showed me the X-Rays of my lungs when I was ill and now. You could clearly see that the lungs were exacerbated, with bulging alveoli and fuzz all around. Now it's clear, no bulging, no fuzz.

    I mentioned the Chinese exercises. He only asked me if I were Chinese! I shall carry on regardless!

  • Thank you this looks like just the sort of exercise I,ve been looking for .I have subscribed to it and it will keep me going through the wet winter.CHEERS!D. :D

  • That will help you tremendously. Easy does it at the start, as they are quite demanding in a way.As you keep going, you will become more supple and more resistant. All the best.

  • Thank you Mike, I do qigong too and your link and set of exercises are a good help to me.

    I think you have done exceptionally well to come off oxygen in only 2 months, just shows the benefits of exercise - keep it and keep well.


  • I wish everybody would do these, SU. Well done!

  • Hi Helingmic thats great news defo agree with you about breathing and exercise more so now than ever.

    Defo is great news ya nit on oxygen thats defo a plus plus :)

    Yer am trying to build my excersise tolerance levals up

    A thought a was just getting grips with it all .. and now i have fungus infection

    If it ant one thing its five of othet ... anyway that is really great news :)

  • fungus isn't too easy to get rid of. I was prescribed Clotrimazole 1% cream. It takes a bit of time to remove the fungus. If you cannot shift it, another GP prescribed me Trimovate cream, that did it. I keep these handy as fungus can come back, I also moisturise with cream regularly.

    Keep building your resistance, you will get somewhere, daz!

  • Hi helingmic cheers yer my doc said it will take tad to clear .. told her am just turning into a walking scab :))

    But yer she give me some daktarin cream

    Am sure there is stigma ataced to fungus infection .., Doc asked if i had itchy bits a said no why

    Strange .. anyway yep am sure things will settle cheers thanks

  • Daz, I think itching may come if skin is covered up by clothes; then the skin is warm and moist and bacteria on the skin have a whale of a time. that's what produces the itching, I suppose! I have itchy legs. my left ankle is swollen, but all the cos I've seen just either say, talk to your GP, or say MMM! Doesn't help much. So I have used a bit of hydro cortisone, but mainly a skin cream and oil to moisturise as much as possible, after a wash or evening before bed - I noticed that i feel these things more when I go to bed, don't know why!!!

    I still managed to wash my net curtains. As they are very light, they dry in no time. But I need a tall person to help me put them back on! Are you tall?

    Cheers, Mic.

  • Thanks Helingmic , I intend to give this a try. I have Osteoarthritis as well as Bronchiectasis, and I have been doing Qigong for the arthritis, it does help if I keep doing it every day, so this is great!

  • I'm interested in your Qigong for arthritis. I have a DVD by a Dr Paul Lam. In his Tai Chi for beginners, he does some Qigong. He doesn't mention the 8 pieces of brocade, because I think this was supposed to be secret! But enlightened people speak of it more widely now, because it helps. So which DVD do you do?

  • I have Dr Paul Lam s DVD Tai chi for Arthritis. It has a book to go with it too with lots of advice. It does help me, I just have to stop life interrupting my daily Tai Chi! I find I do it religiously for a few weeks then something happens to upset my routine and I forget about it for a while, at the moment it is looking after my Dog who has just been diagnosed with cancer ,poor love. However if I am not of strong body and mind I cant help her ,so I will do some Qigong now!

  • Oh Fern, I'm really sad to hear about your doggie. A dog is even more helpless than we are facing illness. Oh goodness, what to say? Sweet little thing.

    Marvellous you! You seem more assiduous than I am, I started Paul Lam and liked it. Then I remembered this book my mu had - I have it now. It's got the whole series about Qi gong and is really complete. So I do the exercises, like you religiously. I WANT to keep in good shape. I succeed in the summer, but come autumn and people coughing, I catch one of them and it develops into a nasty. So I hold on to my exercises dearly in the hope that come the autumn, I can avoid becoming ill again, such a fear!

    I am with you and your doggie, I am praying for you and him. Take great care of your emotions, as well as you physical health. Mic xx

  • Thankyou so much for your prayers. We have been together for over 14 years now, I am working hard to keep the tears at bay, to try and enjoy, hopefully at least the summer together. She has a Sarcoma on her leg and metastases on her front paw, and because of her age it was decided that we would make her comfortable with pain relief until it becomes obvious that it is too much for her and she has no quality of life. She is sunbathing in the garden right now! Paul Lam himself suffers from arthritis and understands how to help I think because of that. It makes me feel stronger when I do it. I try to avoid places where people are likely to be coughing and if I have to go I carry hand alcohol gel and use it after going into chemists,shops,doctors etc. seems to work. I have Bronchiectasis with colonised Pseudomonas all of the time so I need to avoid other bugs if possible.

  • I have bronchiectasis, lots of pseudomonas appearing when I am weak. I even had a touch of TB (Mycobacterium). I have used Vicks First Defence when I receive communion and don't drink the wine, but dip the wafer in it.

  • Oh I have never had the dreaded Mycobacterium as yet I am relieved to say as it takes a lot of antibiotics and time to get rid of it I think, most unpleasant for you. I have had Staphylococcus Aureus which made me very unwell after Shingles. I am supposed to nebulise Colistin twice daily for the Pseudomonas, but I have been doing it for 2 Years and it makes me feel so unwell I thought its time for a break,it makes me feel so weak in my muscles,it cant be good. Nothing bad has happened to me yet anyway. I think doing things to boost our immune systems is the best way forward, I do like Manuka Honey in herbal teas, and I am trying Echinacea tea at the moment as it supports the immune system I have read. My dog Mae is doing well on her pain relief tablets, she is even playing a bit now, I am doing everything I can to make our days happy.

  • I had to take Rifampicin and Clarithromycin for 2 and a half years. ( it stained my pants badly; this is the official "staining" and the doctor used to ask me if my pee was orange!) I'm relieved I don't have it and don't have to take these any more.

    Brr! I haven't had singles, I know from my mother who had it that it's rather veyr painful.

    I'm glad you are better now. Keep looking after your poor doggie.

  • I will, she is relaxing in the garden whilst I am busy in this hot weather, so I think she is getting a good deal today! Dogs Live for the Day!

  • I have saved the link. Thanks I will give it a try. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

  • Fascinating stuff Daz ,thanks mate!D.

  • Hi farmerD cheers

  • Thanx daz, this is more like it, a brilliant post and link. The uv works in a similar way to resonant frequency which is what my dad was working on before he died, he knew that each molecule had a slightly different frequency so in theory each different type of bacteria could be targeted by generating the right frequency and nothing else would be affected. Sadly he died suddenly of an aortic aneurysm before his work was completed, pity as he might just have found a way to zap the retched haemophylus infection that so many of us with bronchiectasis are plagued with - well like you say, no profit in it for the pharmaceuticals, thanx for sharing.

  • Hi zube cheers sorry about your farther sounds very interesting what he was working on.

    Glad you liked my post cheers

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