New Sleep Apnoea Support Group In Ayrshire

Hello all, i have just set up a new support group for anyone who has sleep apnoea or know anyone who may have it or would simply like to know more about this condition.

I have had confirmed sleep apnoea for over six years now and have various other conditions which are now being linked to sleep apnoea these including respiratory conditions, diabetes, heart disease and strokes etc.

Below is a link to my facebook page, any comments or suggestions would be welcome, thanks for reading this, David.

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  • Hi, you may be interested in this.


  • Hi , thanks for the link and I am aware of this group but after doing research there is absolutely no support in Ayrshire and with the backing of local medical professions it was felt that support etc is badly needed in the area . This is why a support group is being started and hopefully by the end of the year it will have charitable status .

  • Hi davidmcs, Me again! I am a member of SASA, Scottish Association for Sleep Apnea, and I attend meetings which are held in the Tayside area. There are local groups all over Scotland, some really just need more publicity (and members). We are getting more organised recently, with the launch of the new website in March and now a regular newsletter. I spoke to one of our committee members, Tom Irvine last night. He actually lives in Irvine in Ayrshire and would very much like to have a chat with you. His email is and he is looking forward to hearing from you.

    Take care.


  • Thank you and i have e-mailed Tom .


  • Have sent you a message. Thank you. As I feel Airlines should have to be more acceptable to medical baggage. Audrey Jersey.

  • Thank You , i understand my wife sent you a message and this is something that we will be looking into and will be trying to awareness with airlines .

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