A pint of cider and a packet of crisps please: Part 2.

A pint of cider and a packet of crisps please: Part 2.

First I would like to thank everyone for reading or replying to my trip to the pub up a bit of a hill.

A tune came to mind from the past which involved someone standing at a bar trying to get served, he was asking for 2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps but it was a busy bar and he couldn't make himself heard so he gradually shouted louder and louder trying to get some attention. I had to look it up on you tube and I still found it funny but then my brain is low on oxygen. see what you think and be honest with me if you think I've lost the blummin plot. :) :)

Click the link and try and be kind to me.

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What was that 2 PINTS OF LAGER AND A PKT OF CRISPS PLEASE! lol yep your definitely barking Tony! As for your mega jaunt yesterday you mad fool,you is the man my friend ,respect! I have panic attacks with my 13 stairs when I read of your escapade to the pub and the steps you had to climb I felt quite queer :D.I so enjoy reading about your constant persistence with your exercises your just brilliant. :) Janexx

Its good to here from you Jane, I'm sat in my wivving woom (yes I read your last post :) ) watching Germany spoil the party in Brazil by 7 goals to 1, oops.

I hope things are continuing to improve for you and you can take Gertie for a spin in the sun soon.

Your right in saying I'm a barking mad fool but I find it helps to be a little crazy when your in our situation. I think when I was written off in ICU 4 years ago and proved them wrong I lost the fear, I decided to do everything possible to get back some of the person I was which was going to mean taking risks and choosing a more painful path.

So far it has worked for me, but who knows maybe rest could be the answer and all this hard work is doing me harm. Nobody knows for sure so I'll keep pushing the limits and well see if doing it my way works out eh'

If your not feeling to good tonight Jane then just think it could be so much worse, you could be a Brazilian with lung disease. :) :)

Tony xxx

You have just made me laugh out loud with the Brazilian remark......thank you so much. Hopefully soon I will also lose the fear......

Thanks Christine18 for saying what I feel!

Tony, you're amazing!

Thanks for that qbjb, I think were all amazing here at healthunlocked :)


Hi Christine, its not a lot of fun living with lung disease is it but once you learn to live with it and not live in fear of it then things improve so much. I glad I made you laugh :)

Tony x

dallo5,no you havnt lost the plot I remember that ,a long time ago though

I find a mad moment and having a laugh at yourself doesn't do any harm does it. Thanks for being kind to me spanial :)

Hi Tony, good to read of your achievements and latest news...great photo you sent us a couple of days ago - thankyou for that.

With this warm, sunny weather I also fancied a nice cool drink..a lager shandy for me! So I thought I'd have a pub lunch. Could have had that in the small town where I live but since I have the buggy now _ well, the freedom of the open road beckoned, lol. :)

It took a little bit of courage but I decided to visit a village a good two miles from here. There's a lovely old pub there that do lunches and I've been there before but... in the comfort of a car.

For most of the journey there's no pavement which is a bit worrying but it's a lovely, long countryside lane with nice scenery and little traffic. Eventually reached a pavement which was to lead to the turn into the village but this was blocked by a sign that said Road Ahead Closed! Couldn't get past and neither could I get off the steep kerb! Had to get off, lift the sandbag off the bar attached to the back of the sign, lean it against the wall and put the sandbag back on to prevent it falling into the road..THAT was a quite an effort that meant sitting back down and recovering for a short while.

Sure enough on reaching the junction the road was indeed closed. Didn't have long to wait when one of the lorries approached and I waved the driver down. He got out of his cab and I explained that I'd travelled a couple of miles to have lunch at the pub :)he told me I was brave to have done that journey and that the workers would get me through, which they did!

Well, I'm pleased to say that I reached my goal, enjoyed a tasty meal and a nice cold lager!

Another lovely boost was meeting a couple there and we all got talking. When I mentioned a local village where I was born it turned out that she was also born there and our parents were near neighbours! We exchanged phone numbers and hope to meet up another time.

Well, it took almost an hour each way but I eventually arrived safely home and was chuffed with the days events :)

Hope everyone's keeping as well as possible ~ Lovelight xxx

Hi Lovelight, it sounds as though you had a great day out on your little buggy, a drive in the country, a bit of weight lifting exercise, had a road re-opened just for you, a pint and a meal, and chatted to some nice people. It pays to get out and meet people if you can doesn't it and you can't beat a trip to the pub for that.

Hope you didn't have to shout too loud at the bar, 'A PINT OF SHANDY AND A PUB LUNCH PLEASE!!!' . :)

You know what, I'm chuffed that you were chuffed Ha Ha. Its another great day out there today so I'm wondering what to do but one things for sure I'm getting off my but and setting off somewhere.

Oh yes, stick to the shandy lovelight when driving that powerful machine of yours.

Tony x

The great thing about plots is that you're the author so you can make it as all singing and all dancing as you flippin well like.

The pub looks fab - I've got the crisps and one pint ................. :D xx

A bit of losing the plot is fun ain't it :) . Next time we'll have to make it 2 pints won't we eh' and so on and then we will be dancing and singing. :) :) :)

dall05 That's a fine pub; looks empty, do they serve you there or they are all dead (dead tired as all the customers came before and shouted their orders too!)

luckily it was quiet at the bar helingmic, so I got served a little easier than the guy in the song. Really enjoyed the pint and the view from up there, its a pretty amazing location but takes a bit of effort reaching it. of course the pint tastes all the better don't it. :)

Mm, haaa! slurp!

Hi Tony, just wrote a long reply which has gone awol so here's the short version. Been away for the last two days with my husband and I climbed several small hills/slopes/entrance steps, that previously I would have avoided like the plague. Took my time and managed much better then expected. This is a direct response to reading your posts. We're not talking Malverns here, we're talking everyday inclines but for someone who can't get to the top of her own stairs without bad sob, this is a big deal.

So Thank You and keep up what you're doing, for your own sake and for all of us whom you're encouraging by example. :) :)

Hi Argana, its very annoying when a long post just disappears into the computer black hole isn't it, I know that very feeling well.

Its hard to figure out how I can get to the top of the Malverns and yet like yourself find myself puffing at the top of the stairs or loading a washing machine etc. I don't pretend its easy but if you break these things down into smaller sections and are prepared to suffer a little like a healthy person would if they went to the gym or a run then its amazing whats possible en it'.

I am very pleased that some of my crazy antics are rubbing off on others like yourself and have helped to give you the courage to give things a go even if you think it may be to difficult to achieve. This is what I hoped would happen and is why I try and write down my own experiences in a positive way. I sometimes surprise myself in what I have done when looking back down a steep slope or hill but I also know its the right thing to do for a better quality of life in the long run.

You did just great Argana getting out there and challenging yourself at what is possible, I can imagine that your husband was impressed as well so keep up the good work, your a star. :)

Tony xx :) :)

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