Re- Oxygen Assessment

Been on 1/2 lt for a year 16 hours, and use between 2 or 4 when active depending how I feel. But was told today I can reduce to 10 hours for now, keep a diary on how I feel and review in 4 weeks, and if it's still as good might take it down to 8. So I'm feeling quite happy about that, and it was the blood test so I know it's accurate.

Anyone else had this, didn't think it would ever improve.

Kim xxx

P.S And I've not been well the last week. xx

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  • A bit odd lowering the time to 10 hours. I seem to recall the minimum recommended is 15 hours. I'm on 1/2 L/min and 1 L/min when active.

  • I was originally put on the concentrator after having Pneumonia June 2013 when I had hospital at home. But because I had infection after infection we could never find the right time to check my levels properly, but I've had Azithromycin since December so finally today we've done the test. I don't think the intention was ever for me to be on it permanently, so now she wants to reduce it and see what happens.

    She did say if I had gone today for my first assessment it wouldn't have been prescribed, but now it's a crutch she doesn't want to withdraw it all together.


  • Don't know much about oxygen .....but this sounds like really good news . Best of luck.

  • Hi Kimmy well that sounds like positive news,bet you feel chuffed.Just hope they'd been to specsavers and read the results correctly :D . If you struggle get on the phone eh,hopefully alls good and happy days.Keepwell now :) Janexx

  • Good news kimmy. Keep well.

  • That's brilliant news Kimmy

    Its just so good when things improve

    I am on Azithromycin too, and I too feel it's a miracle drug, as so far all the constant chest infections which had become more or less continuous have stopped !!!!so I feel like I am improving too

    WE GO GIRL !!

  • Thanks to everyone, it is lovely to have a little bit of positive news for a change.

    Sohara so glad you feel so well, I was really worried my consultant would take me off it as it's been 6 months, but my respiratory nurses told me they wont because of the improvements it's made to my life, and that more and more people are being prescribed it.

    Kim xxx

  • Hi kimmy59, just given me hope. Virtually had to beg for oxygen assessment after being on 2lts ambulalitary. For almost 2years, like you infection after infection, amoxicillin about every month . Hate prednisolone ( gives me he be jeebies ! ) going to ask nurse about azithromycin. Hope you carry on keeping well (ish) love Anne x

  • I'm glad my post gave you hope, I think the consultant has to prescribe Azithromycin, but it's worth asking.

    Kim xx

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