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Do you know what ya Eating experts at court tribural service know to well

Do you know what ya Eating experts at court tribural service know to well

Well yep i have had few choices bits over years ..

Kebab with a staple & apple pie with a false nails ... With out the miles of hair a could go on about

But would i ever of guessed i would be eating asbestos cement and fibers ... as if those stamples false nails hair is not bad enough but Asbestos like really.

Or yer nearly forgot again ...

But according to HM Courts Triburals Service we are all eating asbestos lung tissue cement fibers in our food we buy from our shops supermarkets.

LIKE really Courts would like to blame food industry rather than let public know that asbestos in schools is still a problem ..

Think that why i forgot must be all that asbestos in food roting my brain .... as finger nails hair clips stamples i spit out ..

But in al seriouness i have asked my hiding MP and yep is hiding .. and will not adress my real concerns

What would food industry rep think of govermeants latest cop out and trying to blame them .. I assume given horse meat scandle .. thay do check for shhhh like that in our food

Do thay ?

Picture is what courts would like you to think is asbestos in FOOD apartly we are eating lung tissue with asbestos fiber's cement

In reality picture is asbestos fiber in lung tissue coughed up from lung diease suffer.

Govermeant need to stop treating public like thay did over 30 years ago .. after all thay no longer control our sorces of health information or media

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The Government and the like would have us believe all sorts just so they don't take the blame for anything Daz. The stuff in the news at the moment is terrible so I don't trust any Politician from any party anymore. Hope you are doing ok Daz and be careful what you eat! Examine it all carefully, no more false nails etc. for you or you will be scratching your own insides! Take care and stay well. xxxxx

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Hi sassy58 cheers yer gone right of apple pies .. yer am ok really now been trying more excersise

Have ti have me vest hang right :)


Endorse what sassy says +++, take care of yourself, Daz xx

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Hi pergola cheers thanks


Once I get my head into gear I will have a good read of that. I have seen a real change in direction from when I was in ICU in 2008 and they had real concerns that I had been exposed to asbestos because of the damage to my lungs, to now that they say that I have 57% lung function now it was 76% in 2008 after release. To now say we can see problems but we can not conclude it is asbestos related as it is not eating me yet?

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