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Thanks to everyone who replied to my first post, all your suggestions have been very helpful, I dont feel on my own anymore. I am on holiday on the dorset coast this week and I must say the sea air seems to have helped, I am really surprised it has had an effect. Back next week and I will keep you all posted on my situation.

Thanks again for your help and advice.

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  • I'm down the south coast as well at the moment. I live on the east coast and the south coast is definitely the better of the two for better breathing ! :)

  • Sounds wonderful. I'm hopefully off to Somerset end of August fingers crossed.


    Kim xxx

  • I have said before about the air on the south coast. Amazing for me. Totally agree with Puff. I was busy being homesick watching tour de France leaving Cambridge and husband said that did I really want all those chest infections again.

  • We moved to Somerset nearly 4 years ago and hubby's tests have shown a slight improvement, he also seems far better in himself and certainly has had far less hospital visits.

  • I have been on holiday based at Weymouth in June, this year and last And I too noticed an improvement in my breathing. I envy anyone who lives in that area, its beautiful. Joyce

  • Where abouts in dorset are you ? We are on holiday in eype. Near bridport been here 3 weeks ! Done me good mentally if not physically...waking up and seeing the sea. !

  • We are in Lyme Regis, going on a fossil hunt on Thursday.

  • Only abt 6 miles from eype ...we were in lyme the other day ..then Charmouth market and massive ice cream from shop on car park on beach ..Hmmmmmmmm if u dont find fissil you can allways cheat and buy one. !!!

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