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I didn't know!

I didn't know!

I have only just had my condition explained after visiting my Health Center for nearly two years and having the annual check up. I am a healthy female, never smoked but suffer from the seasonal pollen and occasional wheeze. Had a chest infection last year and was checked out by the nurse who didn't explain what the test was for. This year I have noticed that sometimes I feel short of breath and tired and have used the inhalers and felt relief. I can only think that 7 years of working in an office environment with two chain smokers can have caused this condition. Does anyone else have a similar story?

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Hi Aktiv

Welcome to the forum. Sorry I can't be of much help as my copd was caused by my own smoking. ......48 years. ( Have now quit.)

However I was brought up in a household with a father who was a very heavy smoker ....the effects of passive smoking were not known 50/60 years ago . Also had pneumonia and many chest infections as a child. Possibly these factors played some part.

Although copd is generally classed as a smokers disease some people who have never smoked or been subject to passive smoking develop the disease.

Hopefully you are at the very mild stage. By keeping a healthy weight , exercise and good diet the disease may not actually affect you too much.

I am 63 and was diagnosed 8 months ago at th lower end of moderate. Since quitting smoking I am more or less symptom free ....can walk 4/5 miles at a fairly briskly on the flat , do gardening and moderate exercise classes.

Am really sorry about your seems so unfair . However many people on this site manage to live active and fulfilling lives in spite of the disease.

Have just remembered that there is a genetic cause for non smokers developing the disease .....think its called Alpha 1. Apparently it can be determined by a simple finger prick test. Wonder if your GP has explored this ? Seem to recall the test can also be done free of charge by the Alpha 1 charity ?? Perhaps someone with more knowledge of this will be along soon.

Best of luck, Coastal


activ8,i didn't really smoke,as I didn't inhale ,I usedto have a odd one when I went out,my dad was a heavy smoker,my mum used to smoke but gave up,my husband smoked so I have been around smokers for a number of years,i havnt touched a cigarette for 27yrs but my husband smoked,i was diagnosed with copd 2yrs ago but I think I was suffering before that,i think passive smoking has a lot to do with this condition


Hi Activ8 Here is a link to our website where you can request a test kit: If you would like our Alpha-1 Information Pack please e-mail me your address to Take care John

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Alpha-1 ...... do check it out.


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