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regard MY father

We kindly would like to know how I could have made ​​my father a appointment the most specialized hospital in UK

is 48 years old stopped somking 3 months a go and have been with him several times at the hospital in Birmingham, West Bromwich, Sandwell HSP A & E, that does not feel good at all

Breathe hard gets tired quickly when moving from one side to another,

I have no concrete answer that my father has any personal problem did many tests but they say you have an infection, other said suspect gastritis and sent us home with him has nothing but that evening when I arrived home he felt bad again I was back with him to the hospital but does not recover at all.

I'm desperate not get any concrete answer to know my father to treat the specific problem.

Please do not ignore nice to give me a number where I could make a appointment for my father ,

it's everything to me.

I want to get my father to a hospital in UK

Thank you so much???

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Hi Taigar,

I am assuming that you live in the UK? The usual way to see a specialist is firstly to see your father's GP, and try and explain as clearly as you can the symptoms that your father has. Your father will need to be there, so the doctor can ask him questions, and it is better if your father can explain how he feels. There is nothing to stop you going into the consultation with your father. If the GP thinks it is necessary then he will refer your father to an appropriate specialist. I am sorry, but there is no hospital that you can ring and make an appointment. Your father will have to be referred by his GP or through A&E, where you have already been and not had much luck.

I am not sure how private hospitals work. That is where you would have to pay for the appointment and any tests carried out, but I do not know if you need a referral to go somewhere private. I cannot give you the names of any private hospitals, because I do not know where you live. If your father is feeling very unwell, then he needs to see a GP as soon as possible. If you have not registered with a GP, just go along to your nearest health centre and ask to register, and tell the receptionist you need an appointment as soon as possible for your father. Good luck and I hope your father recovers quickly. Take care, hugs xx


Hi taigar

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering this pain for your father whom you clearly love very much. Apart from the usual channels through a GP as huggs as stated, the only other thing I can think of is going to A&E when he is having an attack? If you take him yourself, at least you can present at any A&E you want and feel is better for you poor father.

I want to genuinely wish you and your father all the best of luck



I suggest that you self refer yourself to a chest specialist at the Nuffield Hospital I assume you have one near you, you will pay for a hours consultation with a top specialist and go from there cost wise £100-£150 then it will give you an idea of what is going on.. Tests will have to come from NHS but the specialist can speak to them after meeting your Dad if he has concerns.

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Hi Taigar, obviously you are concerned about your father. Huggs advice is the normal way, however there is a good private hospital in Edgbaston in Birmingham where you can have an appointment at a cost to yourself without a GPS referral details can be found on line. Type in Private hospitals on the toll bar of your browser. In fact in Birmingham there is a walk in GPS in the town centre. I assume your father lives in Birmingham area as he went to Sandwell hospital. Another way is to ask for a well mans appointment at the GPS for over forties or ring the local pals for help, there number should be on display in the GPs they do not just deal with complaints. Your father has to want to see the doctor of course and you can always ask for a double appointment if you need more talking time. Having said this infections can take some time to clear up and often are more frequent after giving up smoking. Your father needs to be more persistent if he feels that ill as it could be more serious illness but only you can persuade him to do that. Every best wish hope some of these options help.

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I do not live in UK and have no idea how medical referrals work.

These are just words of encouragement - go on and knock on all the doors, knock as loud as you can. Your father is blessed to have a loving child as you are


Hi huggs has given you the best advice, go to your GP as soon as possible sit in with your dad that way you will hear the GPs advice first hand. If you dont have a GP again follow huggs advice.


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