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I,ll shut up soon ,promise!


Got a chap from Occupational Health coming to see me to offer advice and guidance(I think).Any one have experience of this,what questions should I ask? Will it matter I,m still waiting to hear about pip? :D D.

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Hi you need to say what your having difficulties with, stairs ,getting in and out of the bath etc, they are visiting you too help and see what you need to make your life easier. I have been given so much equipment to help .

Hope you get on ok make a list of things that are difficult for you to do take care


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Thanks Dorothy,my dream is to have a wet room like they have at my hospital but not sure if my pension will stretch to that.Do they help financially with things like that do you know?

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Lots of equipment is free something like a wet room you would get financial help and could get it free ,depending on your financial circumstances ,hope you get what you need xx

Well FarmerD I have always found occupational health very helpful and knowledgeable about things that help in certain illnesses and they can assess how your illness affects you at home and help you get aids for independent living. I was advised to buy a travel kettle as they are lighter to lift just a simple thing that helps. So ask them for help with anything you personally have difficulty with.

I had OT around for my mother and they will ask all the questions be honest and they will work out what is best for you. My mum lied to stay as she was but they saw straight though it. She may now have been allowed home if she would let them/us do all the changes. But because of her condition she will be moving to a home for palliative care.

Be Well


Make sure you are very clear about your limitations ... or it can be assumed you can do more than you really can. Also show what you do to help manage as best you can or ..as in my case .. it can be thought that you not helping yourself enough. Good luck.

OT gave my mother a stair lift free of charge, fixed beautifully, no mess and when there was no use for it they removed it with equal care. (Suffolk)

Hi FarmerD

I enjoy reading your posts, so please do not shut up! I had a Occupational Health visit a few months ago and as a result I got a wall mounted fold up shower chair, a raised toilet seat and frame and several grab rails! It was well worth telling somebody that you have trouble getting off the loo .... he! ... he!

I want to wish you all the best of luck with your visit.


I haven't had OT, but grab rails were already in place. sometimes I sue them to do leg exercise! But the pulmonary nurse, mentioned in hospital that I needed a bed rest and the physiotherapist provided one. The district nurse provided a Proshield gel for my sore bottom! The council refurbished my bathroom, changed the bath for a shower with a seat and renewed my kitchen and the flat wiring. I'm really blessed (Canterbury coastal). Ask and it shall be given!

We had one or two items fitted, like a banister fitted before we realised we could have had the O/T inspect to suggest needs. Now in our new bungalow, we have had all we need and more. Couldn't come to terms with the raised toilet seat so it has been relegated to the shed, prior to removal. We are lucky in this country - my American sister complains about the service available for her. xx

It is our compassion and empathy that make the U.K. The great country it is,I just hope we can maintain this long enough to get a "decent ,caring government in power"

H i FarmerD I just had one 1 month ago,be honest tell them how you cope if and what is difficult for you and if you wish to be able to return to work or not,they will ask that question.

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