Gp can,t help!

Went back to see gp this morning as 60mg steroids not making any difference to my struggle to breathe this week."No point in putting you on maximum (80mg) steroids if they ,ve not worked by now" Thanks doc!Hopefully the rain will clear the air a bit.On a more cheerful note my PSA results,no cancer whoopdeedooo.Have a good easy breathy weekend folks. :D D.

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  • Do nebulisers hekp at all ?

  • I am the same Farmer! I have had a bad time of it past cpl days.. I upped my steroids of my own accord and my g.p told me to drop back down as I have been on them mths..Its o.k for him he can breathe!!

    I found wiping my face with cool flannel and sitting by the fan for a while helps a bit!! Nebs ,oramorph and relax with oxy..Brought my breathing up a little...Hope that helps..Oh and brilliant news regarding PSA results...Take care x

  • Room air filters, oxygen assist, exercise indoors but do exercise, drink a lot of water (flushes the body out) and I am sure this list can be added to. Every percent better you can make breathing better is in your favor.

  • Sorry about your breathing Farmer. I've been struggling too this week but I did enjoy the sunshine. whoopdeedoo on your PSA results indeed. You have a good weekend too.

  • Sorry you have been struggling with your breathing this week FarmerD, the heat does not help even for those with mild COPD ect. Hopefully now the rain has come to cool the air your breathing will improve. Good news it is not cancer, but that is not much cheer when your gasping for breath. Steroids only help infection really, maybe a different inhaler might improve your breathing status just a thought you may have already tried that. Or maybe A & E might be more helpful, as it is your breathing.

  • Docs only know about steroids not inhalors that's why we need respiratory trained help them.they are their to diagnose. That's the prob with the health care,done on the cheap,noones trained and go by the book,we can do that ,ongoing care is what's needed.all that's happening is one drug giving you other diseases,I opt out of oral steroids ,I don't need more health problems. .

  • My Copd nurse was less than useless so they are not all as good as you may have experienced.It seems some doctors think steroids are great and others think they are the devil incarnate.My consultant is the former and my gp the latter so at least I have a balance of sorts.D.

  • That's funny a balance,I've only met the nurses and health workers at hospital when I'm in there,amazing so caring,nurses are so good ,what I've experienced in locally is a bit of a nightmare ,not acceptable ,it will change,as people are demanding it!its all good ,keep on rolling be happy!

  • How are you on exercise !? It helps breathing windy clean air. Deep breaths .Why don't the big nobs in companies find a alternative to steroids ...lovely way to care for's all about greed! Only do things that look good to the public,(surveys ) fob people off with false hope ,people that have ill for so long,then oh we can't afford to release it ...bollocks.

  • This is why. We need to protect our National Health Service,private health care makes no economical sense.Greed will eventually be the death of human kind!I push myself to exercise even when advised not to.

  • Congratulations farmer D on the cancer results but sorry about the difficulties your having with breathing. My mom who also had COPD hated the summer with a passion and I understand why now I'm level 4 but I also find the really frosty cold weather is bad for me.

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